County Executive announces new Adopt-a-Roadway Program



Photo Credit: (MGN Online)

Marlisa Miller, Contributor

PITTSBURGH – Rich Fitzgerald, county executive, has recently announced the launch of a new Adopt-a-Roadway program.

The program allows non-political organizations, groups, corporations and individuals to “adopt” a county-owned road and help assist in efforts to keep it clean. Signs will be posted along the adopted part of the road to recognize the participants.

“This time of year is always grey, with bare trees and shrubbery that is waiting to bud,” said Fitzgerald. “It’s also a time of year when we can all see how much garbage litters our hillsides and roads. And it’s always the time of when organizations and groups reach out to help with clean-up.”

“We’ve taken advantage of all of those things to create and launch this county-run program to harness the power of volunteers and recognize their impact on clean-up efforts,” said Fitzgerald.

“The program can also serve as a reminder to the public not to litter, while also saving taxpayer money,” he added.


Adoption applications must be completed by an adult (age 18 or older), but anyone age 14 or older may participate in cleanup events. Adopters must organize at least two cleanup events each year for two years.

Any questions or additional information can download a complete program guide and forms here. To see if the county owns a road near you, click here.