City of Tomorrow challenge winners named

Michael Delehanty, Contributor

PITTSBURGH — In a city Pittsburgh’s size, transportation is a major concern among citizens.

Mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto and the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure have been working with the residents of Pittsburgh to find out what problems or challenges occur with the transportation in their communities and come up with solutions to fix those issues. The Mayor’s Office and the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure created the Ford City of Tomorrow Challenge, and they have announced the finalists.

“The people of Pittsburgh were integral to this Challenge,” said Mayor Peduto. “They defined the need. Testing this in the real world, they will also help us evaluate this as a solution. We appreciate the partnership with Ford in not only thinking deeply about the challenges we face but helping us to act quickly to find the ideas and entrepreneurs that can help us address them.”

The first of the three winning proposals is called iomob. Iomob allows its users to find, book, and pay for the specific mobility service they need. Iomob is also supposed to be very user-friendly.

The second winner, Safe Shift, is designed to help those who work a night shift get to their jobs safely and on time. The team that proposed this is a group of representatives from transportation and advocacy groups, students and a small mobility and data company called Moovit. This group was also a part of the Mobility Conference that was held here in Pittsburgh in October.

The third and final winner of the challenge is called Intersection. Intersection’s goal is to deal with a lot of the connectivity issues that most people who rely on and public transportation face. The intersection will team up with LinkPGH in order to reach their goal of getting rid of any connectivity issues.

Both iomob and Safe Shift will receive a $50,000 prize. The money is to help the teams get their revolutionary proposals out into the world. The Intersection team declined the money as they are receiving help from LinkPGH.