Pittsburgh ranked among the top cities for millennials


Gage Goulding

Pittsburgh Skyline from North Shore

Lauryn Dudley, Contributor

MOON TOWNSHIP – Millennials tend to gravitate toward cities due to a surplus of jobs, nightlife and other interesting activities for them.

Based on data from the U.S Census, FBI, BLS and other sources, Niche outlines some of the best cities to settle down in if you are looking for those things.

Cambridge, a city in Massachusetts, is ranked No. 1. With grade A+ nightlife, it has an urban feel to the city.

Many residents rent their homes making it easy and inexpensive to find an apartment or townhouse.

No. 2 is a city similar to Cambridge, with grade A+ nightlife and an urban feel as well. San Fransisco has a lot of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and parks to enjoy in the heat of California.

Seattle, Washington, took the No. 3 spot and has amazing scenery and hiking trails. Graded A+ for nightlife and known for great food, Seattle was picked to be included in the top five.

Arlington, Virginia, is known for having a “mixing bowl” of job opportunities, people and fun, making it the fourth-best city for millennials.

Washington D.C., closed out the top five best cities mainly due to its amazing job opportunities, trendy hang out spots and great food.

The list goes on and on, even including Pittsburgh. The growing tech hub took the spot as the 12th-best city for millennials.

Pittsburgh has great opportunities for everyone, with the cultural district and the strip district for great food and nightlife activities, to having many big corporations right across the bridge.

To view the complete list, visit Niche.