Police Blotter 11/17/15-11/30/15


11/17/15 – Smell of Marijuana – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana in Marshall Hall.  Officers responded and checked the building with negative results. (Closed)

11/17/15 – Suspicious Incident – Valley Ambulance called to report they were responding to Marshall Hall for a possible overdose.  Officers responded and found the information that Valley Ambulance received to be false.  A student was checked out by the ambulance but was not in need of any medical attention. (Closed)

11/18/15 – Student Conduct – An officer located several students tailgating in the Washington Gravel lot during a basketball game.  The students were advised that tailgating is only permitted during football games.  The students cleaned up and left the area without incident. (Closed)

11/18/15 – Student Conduct – An officer was called for a vehicle lock out in the Washington Gravel lot.  While the officer was opening the vehicle, the officer could smell an odor of marijuana.  The officer located paraphernalia and marijuana residue in the vehicle.  The student was advised they would be sent through Student Conduct for judgment. (Closed)

11/19/15 – Departmental Information – This department was advised of a vehicle stuck on the curb stop in the Gazebo Parking lot.  A tow truck arrived and removed the vehicle without incident. (Closed)

11/19/15 – Recovered Property – A wallet was turned into the department that was found on campus.  The owner was contacted and advised of their wallet being found. (Closed)

11/19/15 – Traffic Stop – An officer conducted a traffic stop in the Lower Sewall Center parking lot.  The outcome of the stop resulted in the driver receiving one citation. (Closed)

11/19/15 – Departmental Information – This department was requested to do a welfare check on a commuter student.  Moon Twp. Police assisted in checking on the student, who was fine and in no need of any assistance. (Closed)

11/23/15 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported a trouble alarm in the Nicholson Student Center.  Officers arrived and notified maintenance.  Maintenance arrived and advised they will check the system. (Closed)

11/24/15 – Burglar Alarm – Guardian reported a burglar alarm activated in the Alumni House.  Upon arrival, there was a maintenance cleaner on scene.  The panel for the alarm code was malfunctioning and would not reset. (Closed)

11/24/15 – Suspicious Incident – This department is investigation a suspicious male at the Island Sports Center.  Case pending further information at this time. (Open)

11/25/15 – Officer Injury – An officer cut their thumb while cleaning the department’s rifles, receiving three stitches. (Closed)

11/26/15 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported numerous alarm activations in the Hale Center.  Maintenance was notified of the alarms. (Closed)

11/28/15 – Welfare Check – This department was requested to check on a student from their parents.  Officers attempted to contact the student with negative results.  The parent called back advising they were able to make contact and no further assistance was needed. (Closed)

11/28/15 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported numerous alarm activations in the Hale Center.  Maintenance was notified of the alarms. (Closed)

11/29/15 – 302 – This department was notified of a student attempting to hurt themselves.  Officers and Valley Ambulance responded and took the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

11/30/15 – Smell of Marijuana – Officers were called to Yorktown Hall for a smell of marijuana on the first floor.  Officers checked the area and met with negative results. (Closed)