Police Blotter: April 17 – April 23, 2012


4/17 – Student Conduct – This department was advised of a suspicious threat found posted on Twitter and was dealt with immediately by this department and Student Life. (Closed) 

4/17 – Departmental Information – Officers were advised that a student who is on the PNG list was in the Jefferson Center. Officers located the student and removed him from campus. (Closed)

4/18 – Departmental Information – A professor requested assistance in keeping an eye on a group of students using a lab. The professor was advised that officers would periodically check the area. (Closed)

4/20 – Property Damage – A student reported damage done to his vehicle in the Washington Gravel lot. Pictures of the damage were taken and a report was written for insurance purposes. Closed) 

4/20 – Harassment – This department was advised of a student making a threat towards a university official. The student was dealt with accordingly through this department and Judicial Affairs. (Closed)

4/20 – Personal Injury – A maintenance employee filed a report with this department for an injury that occurred while working. All pertinent information was taken and the employee notified their immediate supervisor. (Closed)

4/21 – Student Conduct – Officers were called to Salem Hall on a report of an underage drinking party. Officers arrived and identified everyone present; each person was advised that they would be dealt with through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

4/21 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported an underage drinking party in Lexington Hall. All of the occupants admitted to consuming alcohol and were advised they will be sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

4/21 – Departmental Information – A professor advised concern over a student who has not been attending class and statements that the student made to her. All pertinent information was obtained and the student’s information was forwarded to the appropriate department. (Closed)

4/22 – Underage Drinking – Officers viewed four individuals who appeared to be intoxicated. All four students were visibly under the influence and tested positive for alcohol on a PBT. All four students were advised they would be sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

4/22 – Unauthorized Use of Vehicle – A resident student reported that a non-student took their vehicle without permission and left campus. The non-student was contacted, came back to campus and was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, and taken to the Allegheny County Jail. (Closed)

4/23 – Fire Alarm – Guardian advised of a fire alarm activated in Concord Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, it was determined that the cause for the alarm was the residents using their oven. Officers reset the alarm panel. (Closed)