Police Blotter: Feb. 12 – Feb. 18, 2013


2/12 Student Conduct – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana on the sixth floor of Yorktown Hall. Officers were able to determine the room of origin, and the student involved will be sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

2/14 – Medical Emergency – An employee reported falling on the wet grass outside of Patrick Henry and hitting his/her head. The employee was experiencing blurred vision from the fall. Valley Ambulance was notified and transported the employee to Sewickley Hospital for further treatment. (Closed)

2/16 – Departmental Information – Residence Life reported a possible underage party in Ross Hall. Officers responded and checked the room in question with negative results. All parties cleared without incident. (Closed)

2/17 – Student Conduct – A student reported a noise complaint in Salem Hall. Officers responded with Residence Life and had the music turned off for the night. The student playing the music was advised he/she would be sent through Judicial Affairs for violating quiet hours. (Closed)

2/17 – Fire Alarm – A fire alarm was activated in Yorktown Hall with no location given. Officers, maintenance, and the Moon Township Fire Department responded and were unable to locate any fires or problems in the building. The alarm was reset and all parties cleared the scene. (Closed)

2/17 – Departmental Information – Yorktown’s front desk reported a fuel spill under the canopy at the front entrance. Moon Township Fire Department was contacted to contain the fuel with oil dry. Maintenance was advised that they were responsible for cleaning up the oil dry once it had soaked up the fuel. (Closed)

2/17 – Missing Property – A resident student reported his/her wallet taken from the locker room in the Jefferson Center. The cameras will be reviewed in an attempt to locate a suspect or suspects involved. (Closed)

2/18 – Departmental Information – Security at Yorktown Hall called and reported a key card missing. The key card has been deactivated, and a report was written to obtain a replacement. (Closed)

2/18 – Student Conduct – This department was advised of a possible assault that may have occurred on campus. This incident is currently under investigation at this time. (Open)

2/18 – Disturbance – A resident student in Lexington Hall reported the water pipes sounding as though they were going to burst. Officers and Residence Life responded and checked the building with negative results. The student was advised to call back if he/she hears the noise again. (Closed)