Police Blotter: Jan. 03 – Jan. 13, 2013


1/03 – Accident – Maintenance reported backing a truck into the corner of Hamilton Hall. Pictures were taken of the damage, and a report was written for insurance purposes. (Closed)

1/03 – Departmental Information – This department is conducting an investigation related to information received by an employee of the university. (Closed)

1/03 – Student Conduct – A male student was found to be under the influence of alcohol at the RMU men’s basketball game. The male was advised to leave the arena with friends and that he would be sent through Judicial Affairs for his actions. (Closed)

1/06 – Medical Emergency – A patron at the ISC was injured while playing hockey. The patron and his father were transported to Children’s Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

1/07 – Lost Property – An employee reported losing his/her university issued keys. A report was written and forwarded to the university’s locksmith. (Closed)

1/09 – Medical Emergency – An employee slipped and fell on ice between Jefferson and Madison. A report was written for the incident, and the employee did not want medical treatment at the time. (Closed)

1/10 – Property Damage – An employee backed into the garage door of the Sewall Center; minimal damage was done to the door. A report was written for insurance purposes. (Closed)

1/11– Departmental Information – An employee came to the station and wanted information on a personal matter. This department assisted with the necessary information. (Closed)

1/13 – Departmental Information – An ISC employee filed a report for some of her personal property being damaged by another employee. This case is under investigation at this time. (Open)

1/13 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported a smell of marijuana in Braddock Hall. Officers located the room in question and confiscated several items of paraphernalia. The student involved was advised that he/she would be sent through Judicial Affairs for his/her actions. (Closed)

1/13 – Departmental Information – A mother called and was concerned about not being able to make contact with her daughter. The daughter was located, was fine, and advised to contact her mother. The mother was called back and advised of the department’s findings. (Closed)