Police Blotter: Oct. 18 – Oct. 24, 2011

10/18 – Fire – This department was advised of a fire by Adams Hall. Upon officers’ arrival there was a small fire in the mulch underneath the dryer vent outside of Adams Hall. Officers extinguished the fire; there was no damage caused, and officers cleared without incident.

10/18 – Department Information – Crescent Twp. Police advised that they received a report from the RMU Crew team for a missing 14-foot aluminum boat and outboard motor. Shortly after this report was made, the Baden Police department called and advised they had recovered the missing boat.

10/18 – Access Device Fraud – A resident student reported his debit card information was obtained off the Internet and a purchase was made without his knowledge. A report was written for bank purposes. This incident is still under investigation at this time.

10/19 – Student Conduct – Residence life reported finding weapons in a room at the Holiday Inn while investigation a maintenance complaint. The weapons were taken into possession by this department, and the student who owns them is being sent through the university’s Judicial Affairs department for violation of the weapons policy.

10/19 – Disorderly Conduct – While writing tickets in the Student Center lot, an officer observed a female placing suspected marijuana in a glass colored pipe. The female handed over the pipe and suspected marijuana to the officer when they knocked on the window of the vehicle. The female student was cited for disorderly conduct for possession of marijuana.

10/20 – Fire Alarm – Guardian advised of a fire alarm activated in Ross Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, there was a rubber glove covering smoke detector in the room. No sign of smoke or fire, and the officers reset the alarm panel.

10/20 – Lost Property – A resident student at the Holiday Inn reported his wallet lost or stolen. The cameras will be reviewed for that area in an attempt to see if anyone other than this student entered his room.

10/21– Theft – It was reported to this department that two magnetic campaign signs were taken off a vehicle in the upper Massey parking lot. A report was written and officers will keep a look out for the signs.

10/21 – Medical Emergency – Residence Life reported an unconscious female in Adams Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, the female’s eyes were open, but she was not responding.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the female to Sewickley hospital for further treatment.

10/22 – Welfare Check – A parent called and requested this department check on her son whom she was unable to get in touch with. An officer and a representative from Residence Life went to the Holiday inn and made contact with the student advising him to contact his mother.

10/22 – Student Conduct – An officer intervened when a verbal confrontation was about to take place. The officer spoke with both parties involved and it ended up being a misunderstanding. No further incident occurred, and the officer cleared the scene.

10/22 – Suspicious Incident – Residence Life reported that a female student was grabbed by the arm by an unknown male outside of Hamilton and Hancock Halls. Officers spoke with the victim who was unable to give any type of description of the male who grabbed her. The victim did have a red mark and some scratches on her arm from this incident. The cameras in the area will be reviewed in an attempt to locate the suspect involved and deal with him accordingly.

10/23 – Driving Under the Influence – An officer viewed a vehicle driving behind Adams Hall. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer could detect an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The driver was given a field sobriety test and failed. A PBT (portable breath test) was issued which tested positive. The driver was taken to Sewickley hospital for a blood draw and charges will be filed for driving under the influence by this department.

10/23 – Smell of Marijuana – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana coming from the first floor of Marshall Hall. Officers checked the first floor and the rest of the building with negative results.

10/23 – Animal Complaint – Residence Life reported a raccoon running around near Ross Hall. Officers responded and got the raccoon back into the woods away from the building. The students were feeding the raccoon and were advised to stop this or it will continue to come to the building.

10/23 – Lost Property – A student reported losing their iPhone at Joe Walton Circle. Officers assisted in trying to locate the phone with negative results. The student was advised that if the phone is turned into this department he/she would be notified.

10/23 – Suspicious Person – ISC Operations reported a suspicious male by the Clearview locker room hallway. Public Safety Officer Abbey checked the area with negative results. PSO Abbey was able to find this individual on the next night and advise him that he is not permitted at ISC property.

10/24 – Property Damage – Men’s basketball reported the closet door in their office was damaged. The exterior door to the office was unlocked when the damage occurred. Pictures were taken of the damage and a report was written.

10/24 – Departmental Information – An employee of the university became light headed and dizzy. Valley Ambulance was contacted to evaluate the employee and advised they should be seen at the hospital. This department transported the employee to Sewickley Hospital for further treatment.