Police Blotter: Oct. 3 – Oct. 9, 2011

10/3 – Student Conduct – Financial Aid reported receiving vulgar and disrespectful phone calls from a student. Officers spoke with the student involved and sent the information to Judicial Affairs for violation of the Universities code of student conduct.

10/5 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported a trouble alarm in Concord Hall. Officers checked the building with negative results, notified maintenance and reset the alarm panel.

10/5 – Student Conduct – A resident student in Marshall Hall called and reported that another male student came into his room and urinated in his trashcan. The cameras will be reviewed to identify this student. Case is pending at this time.

10/5– Lost Property – A student reported losing a backpack in RoMo’s Café. The cameras will be reviewed to see if the backpack was lost or stolen. The reporting student was advised that if the backpack is located to contact this department.

10/5 – Accident – A student reported his vehicle being hit in the Colonial Way lot. The officer viewed damage to the driver’s side rear bumper of the vehicle. A report was written for insurance purposes.

10/6 – Theft – A resident student reported his iPad was stolen out of RoMo’s Café. After investigating the call, the iPad was located and returned to the owner. No theft had occurred.

10/7 – Disorderly Conduct – Residence life reported a smell of marijuana in Marshall Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, they were able to determine where the smell was coming from. A search of a student’s room came up positive for marijuana and the student was cited for Disorderly Conduct.

10/7 – Underage Drinking – Officers cited a student for underage drinking who was attending the Homecoming dance.

10/7 – Public Drunkenness – Officers cited an alumnus who was attending the Homecoming dance for public drunkenness.

10/7 – Student Conduct – A resident student in Concord Hall advised that he let a male student into his room to use the bathroom. When this male was in the bathroom, he threw a chair at the toilet and broke it. The male student involved was identified and will be sent through Judicial Affairs.

10/7 – Student Conduct – A male student was caught urinating in public outside of Washington Hall. The male was under the influence of alcohol and was advised that he would be sent through Judicial Affairs for the alcohol and public urination.

10/7 – Underage Drinking – Officers cited two males attending the Homecoming dance for underage drinking. Valley Ambulance transported both males to Sewickley Hospital due to their level of intoxication.

10/7 – Public Drunkenness – Officers cited a male attending the Homecoming dance for public drunkenness.

10/8 – Underage Drinking – Officers cited a male student by Washington Hall for underage drinking.

10/8 – Departmental Information – This department arranged with the shuttle bus driver to drop off a male and female at Fox Hollow Apartments due to both parties being under the influence and not in the position to drive home.

10/9 – Simple Assault – This department cited two female students for simple assault and disorderly conduct for fighting outside of Salem Hall.

10/9 – Fire Alarm – Guardian advised of a fire alarm activated in the Nicholson Student Center. It was determined that two pull stations were pulled and activated the alarm. The cameras will be reviewed in an attempt to locate the suspect and suspects involved.

10/9 – Medical Emergency – A student was injured during a tug of war contest at the sand volleyball courts.  The student was transported to MedExpress by his friends for further treatment.

10/9 – Harassment – A female student reported receiving harassing messages on Facebook. This incident is under investigation at this time pending further information.