RMU celebrates 88th Saudi National Day

Soundharjya Babu

Robert Morris University has celebrated the 88th Saudi National Day, showcasing Saudi Arabia’s rich culture and history.

“It’s Saudi National Day, the national day where we remember when King Abdulaziz established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1963,” said Ibrahim Alghamdi.

On Monday, Sept. 24, the cultural celebration offered many activities for people to enjoy at the John Jay Gym, including traditional food, dance, music and even henna. Many exhibitions were set up as well, displaying different aspects of Saudi Arabia’s history.

Saudi National Day was set up with open exhibitions, giving people an opportunity to explore a virtual city and learn about a new culture. The arts and crafts exhibitions showcased products and tools people used when living in the desert, dating back 60 years. Jewelry, especially the beading industry, weaving, woodwork and basketwork are significant to Saudi Arabia’s culture.

The sword, or sayf, is also a staple in Saudi Arabia’s culture and the exhibition. They served different purposes for people living in the desert environment 60 years ago.

“These are used for different things,” Alghamdi said. “People who celebrate, they used it for dancing … and people used it for fighting too.”

In addition to the intricate artwork and tools, Ibrahim Alghamdi also discusses the impact of Islam’s holiest city, Mecca, where the Holy Mosque, Masjid al-Haram, is located.

“People come from all over the world to worship and to pray to God,” said Alghamdi. “They come from many countries, about four million people come to worship.”

At the center of The Sacred Mosque stands the Kaaba, a clothed stone structure that is believed to have landed directly from heaven. People face the Kaaba when they pray anywhere in the world.

Saudi National Day in Robert Morris served as an insightful look into Saudi Arabia’s traditions and their history and celebrated the establishment of the country in 1963.

“The goal of this event is to show people how Saudi Arabia’s National Day is celebrated, and how they lived in the past and the present, and how different things changed in the past and present.” said Alghamdi