RMU Sentry Media denied third time for Trump rally


Donald Trump at speaking in Pittsburgh in April 2016. RMU Sentry Media’s Eddie Sheehy attended the rally. Photo credit: Eddie Sheehy

Brittany Mayer

RMU Sentry Media attempted to receive media credentials for the Donald Trump rallies in and around Pittsburgh three times and was denied each time.

Trump held a rally just recently in Moon Township on Nov. 6, and Sentry Media tried to gain credentials. The same e-mail was sent explaining the reason for being deined.

“During the 2016 Presidential race, the Donald J. Trump Campaign fully recognizes and respects all media,” said the Press Office. “But due to various venue sizes, media space, and safety we must limit the number of credentialed media and give priority to our national and local outlets. We appreciate your understanding.”

According to KDKA, the rally drew a big crowd that had traffic at a standstill miles away from the event. Around 10,000 people were allowed into the Atlantic Aviation venue, with thousands more left outside.