Robert Morris holds Matriculation after two-year hiatus


Robert Morris President Dr. Chris Howard addresses crowd at Matriculation. Photo Credit: (Ethan Morrison)

MOON TOWNSHIP-As the fall semester is set to begin, RMU held the Matriculation ceremony on Thursday to welcome all incoming freshmen and transfer students. The event was hosted by Dr. John Locke and was held at the Nicholson front lawn.

“Matriculation is the bookend of commencement,” Locke said. “It is the ceremonial beginning of (new students’) RMU career, the beginning of the journey that concludes at commencement.”

Last year, the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year Locke was tasked with scheduling the event while being safe.

“With the rising COVID numbers and the safety reasons of the mask mandate we have we decided to move it from the UPMC Events Center to outside,” Locke said.

To welcome the new students, the event had many speakers including President Dr. Howard.

“You are here today, and 18 months ago who would have thought we would have been in here in person,” Howard said. “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.”

Howard welcomed in the new faces and called them to be not just good students but better people, and they should take care of their fellow students.

One of the speakers was Dr. Artemisia Apostolopoulou. She wanted to let the students know about the hard work ahead they will face not just in the coming months but years ahead.

“Work hard. Students who work hard do great things in the world, and that world needs great students,” Apostolopoulou said. “If you expect great work from your parents or teachers, then why wouldn’t you expect (the same) from yourself?”

Matriculation is held to welcome in the new students at Robert Morris, and the staff hopes that one day these students will be the leaders.