Robert Morrris University Hosts 9th Annual Sport Management Student Conference

Jarrod Blumer, Staff Writer

  Every sports fan hopes that one day they will be able to have a career in either collegiate or professional sports.  One way that these fans can help make this dream a reality is by majoring in sport management and attending an annual Sport Management Student Conference held at Robert Morris University.
  This year’s group of presenters and speakers was an extremely storied and prolific cast that featured executives and other organization members from all areas of the sports industry.
  Not only were there directors, associates, and managers from professional sports organizations, but there were also numerous members from teams and organizations from the collegiate and high school level as well.
  Perhaps the speaker with the most detailed resume out of the whole group was the keynote speaker of the event, Dr. Bernie Mullin.
  Dr. Mullin is currently the Chairman and CEO of one of the leading management and marketing business in the world, The Aspire Group, Dr. Mullin earned his degree from the University of Kansas.
  Along with being a University of Kansas graduate, Mullin has had several jobs in the collegiate and professional sports industry including positions with the University of Massachusetts, Pittsburgh Pirates, Colorado Rockies, Denver Grizzlies, University of Denver, the NBA, and also the Atlanta Thrashers.
  “Do what you love, and love what you do,” explained Dr. Mullin numerous times throughout his presentation when talking about what would be his best advice to someone who has hopes of entering into the sport management industry.
  Along with the prestigious Mullin was Murray Cohn, who is currently the Vice President of Team Ticket Sales in the NBA.
  As one of many Robert Morrris University graduates at the conference today, Cohn, like Mullin, has been involved with several collegiate and professional sports leagues including the NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA, and finally Baylor University.
  Throughout the entire conference students were more than eager to pick the brains of these sports business professionals.  Every student who attended the conference, some from other universities in the area, was given a fantastic opportunity to get their foot in the door with a variety of sports organizations.
  Some of the key points that all 50 presenters focused on were: vital dynamics of resumes, the significance of practical experience, the importance of different leadership roles one has, and one’s attitude towards every opening that presents itself.
  “Sorting through several hundred resumes and getting yours moved to the top, it’s a daunting task.  In order for you to try to navigate and to get your resume put up there you need to work your relationships with people you made,” stated Michael Dixon, who is the Owner of proGolf Management, on the topic of how to make your resume stand out from the rest.
  Not only does the Sport Management Student Conference allow students in the area to meet and interact with some of the most important people in the sports business world, but it also gives them a chance catch the eye of these executives, which could lead to internships and perhaps someday a full-time job in the world of sports.