RMU Office of Residence Life hosts socially distanced “Fall Festival”


Photo Credit: (RMU Sentry Media)

Jonah Hoy, Reporter

MOON TOWNSHIP — Robert Morris University had a small fall festival right in front of the Office of Residence Life Saturday, where students and passerby’s could enjoy some fall themed snacks and activities.

RMU is getting into the holiday spirit once again, with Halloween just around the corner and the leaves shedding their summer green into vibrant yellows, browns, and reds. Campus community came together to celebrate.

Attendees could get treat themselves to seasonal apple slices and lather on, to their liking, an assortment of sauces, sprinkles, and other delicious toppings. They could also make their own hot apple cider to warm themselves during the nippy outside weather.

The festival did not stop at just food. Multiple picnic sized tables were available where socially distanced groups could participate in some canvas painting. There were no specific themes for anyone to paint, but most students got bitten by the fall bug and painted scenes of pumpkins, leaves, and cozy clothing.

On-campus students and even commuters joined the party to get into the holiday spirit, and once they were done painting their masterpieces and chomping down on some grub, they could head on over to the corn-hole boards and enjoy some friendly competition.

Some of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters got in on the fun while they were right next door spray-painting their own canvases for their own houses’ letters.

“It’s nice that they managed to put together a fun activity to celebrate the fall season while still doing it safely with COVID regulations and guidelines still put in place,” said Brooke Deeter.

A little bit of charm and fun during these tough times, students and faculty still find the little things to make them smile and keep some sense of normalcy while still social distancing and practicing safe COVID guidelines.