Star Wars Round Table

On Tuesday Night at 9:00 in the Wheatley Center, a group of about twenty students gathered to talk about a cult classic film series, Star Wars.  Also in attendance were Ian Howitt, a film scholar from Penn State and Josh Antoon, a local actor in the region.

John Locke, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development here at RMU, led the discussion.  Locke decided to make the conversation like a round table, allowing everyone in attendance to give their own opinion on the topics that would be discussed. After everyone introduced themselves and talked about their favorite character from  the Star Wars franchise, one of the first topics discussed was the sale of Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company

On October 30, 2012, the Walt Disney Company and George Lucas, creator of Star Wars and owner of Lucasfilm, announced Disney would acquire Lucasfilm and plan to release a new Star Wars film (Episode VII) in 2015.  Students discussed many unknown questions about the new film.  Some of these unknowns that students discussed included, who would write the script, what would the storyline be, who would direct the film, and who would be acting in the film.

Other topics discussed included the original movies, the recent prequels, animation series, the video game series, and Star Wars book series.