Student Health Center partners with UPMC [email protected]


Matt Merlino

Photo credit: Matt Merlino

Maria DeBone

Students at Robert Morris University probably know where the Student Health Center is located on campus, but may have never been inside the building. Health Services for students has always been accessible, except the center opens this semester with some interesting upgrades.

“What’s new about the health center at Robert Morris University is that this is the very first UPMC [email protected],” said Victoria Graham, registered nurse on staff. “It’s very exciting to be part of this new resource.”

The health center not only staffs Graham, but a team of nurses and nurse practitioners who work as off-sight providers. While taking care of minor health related issues and injuries.

“Students can come here with any complaints or concerns, and they can be tended to,” said Graham. Then, if needed, they can be referred to their own providers or local community services.

The health center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30-5 p.m. It’s free to students with no insurance requirements and no appointment needed. Making the center more accessible for students is a change the staff wanted to see.

“So we’re working towards integrating this system efficiently so that it can be convenient for the students to come in,” said Graham.

Something the staff is excited about is the integrated technology through the use of telemedicine.

“The availability of technology and the off-sight providers gives the opportunity for the provider to see the students throughout the day,” said Graham.

This allows experienced practitioners to treat students without seeing them in person.

It is also venturing to collaborate with RMU nursing students to allow them to gain experience. Nursing student, Taylor Borrelli knows that the health center is a necessity for the students at RMU, but also an asset to nursing majors.

“With our program we really don’t get to interact with humans until our junior year, so I feel like this opportunity will really help us,” said Borrelli.

The health center gives nursing majors the opportunity to help their peers as well as gain first hand experience.

“Experience means everything, and the health building can really be used to our advantage because you have your peers helping out too. Not only are you getting better, but we’re getting better as nurses,” said Borrelli.

The nursing staff welcomes students back to campus and encourages everyone to stay healthy and suggests if anyone has any questions or concerns to visit Student Health Services. The Student Health Center can be contacted by phone at 412-397-6221, by email at [email protected] or their Twitter page, @RMUNurse, that posts updates about their services.