Officials: Beware of tragedy scammers

Gage Goulding

Gage Goulding, Assistant News Editor

PITTSBURGH – Officials in Pittsburgh are warning community members to double check before making a donation.

In a statement to the media, city officials said that they have received reports of scammers who are asking for donations for the victims and police officers who were injured in the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

“Unfortunately, such times also bring about scammers who wish to prey upon people’s good intentions,” said the city.

Community members report they have been approached in person, on the phone and on social media where they have been solicited for donations, according to the press release.

Officials recommend to always research the organization before donating and never respond spam or follow links in emails.

“Before donating, always research the organization,” said the city. “Do not respond to spam or follow links in such emails as they may lead to viruses that leave your personal information vulnerable.”

The FBI in Pittsburgh has a website for community members to report suspicious email solicitations or fraudulent websites.

“FBI Pittsburgh wants criminals who plan to exploit people’s pockets and generosity to know it won’t be tolerated,” said FBI Pittsburgh Special Agent in Charge Robert Jones. “We remain vigilant to the numerous types of scams that divert resources from genuine organizations helping the victims, even during times of crisis.”

To report fraudulent websites, click here.