The Book Rocket helps students find the best deals


Tori Flick

Photo credit: Tori Flick

Morgan Torchia

A new company that launched last year is starting to make a name for itself on many college campuses across the country.

The company “The Book Rocket,” created by Shey Baesler and co-founded by Charlie Offenbacher, is a website created to help college students find the best deals for their textbooks for all their college classes.

In an email sent by Baesler, he said “We are different from companies such as Chegg or Amazon because we compare prices from all online textbook sites at once to find the best deal. We’re like, but for books.”

Baesler started the company in Eugene, Oregon back in 2014 while he himself was a student at the University of Oregon. Since then the company has gained three full time employees and reached over 10,000 people.

The website itself is very user friendly. A student simply has to enter the book title or ISBN number, and the site then generates where to find the best deal.

“By using The Book Rocket, students will get the best deal possible since we compare all of the top online book sites,” Baesler said in his email. “Majority of the time, students will find a much better deal than going through their book store. They are able to buy, rent, or sell.”

The Book Rocket can help save students up to five hundred dollars a year and earn up to ninety percent of their money back. They compare prices from over nine websites, therefore finding them the cheapest deal.

Because the website is so new, a lot of students haven’t heard of it yet.

Sophomore Stephanie Savka always goes to Amazon for her books. Once she heard of “The Book Rocket,” she was very interested in checking it out.

“I search through Amazon and stuff like so that would probably lessen my search time and stuff like that,” she said. “And now I know that I have the best deal.”

Junior Jesse Fetchak, who always gets his books from Amazon or the bookstore, thought the website sounded like a great idea.

“Sounds like a cool idea,” Fetchak said. “Another tool you could use to compare prices.”

Freshmen Mackenzie Starr and Marissa Bryan, who went to websites like Chegg and Amazon for their first time buying and renting books, said they definitely wanted to check out the website in the future. Even upperclassmen like Juniors Stephen McDade and Lauryn Wade, who have been getting their books from Amazon for years, said they wanted to start using it too.

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