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UFO Whistleblowers Testify in Congressional Hearing

A potentially monumental and historic hearing occurred before Congress last Wednesday which may give clues to the answer to an age-old question: “Does extraterrestrial life exist?”

Former United States Air Force Intelligence Officer David Grusch testified before Congress that certain executive branch agencies have been concealing a top-secret program from Congress pertaining to the retrieval and reverse engineering of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), also known as unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Mr. Grusch served as an intelligence officer for 14 years and was a representative on two Pentagon task forces investigating UAPs until earlier this year. He recently came into the spotlight with his exclusive interview on News Nation. He stated that the United States government has retrieved nonhuman craft of exotic origin as well as the remains of non-human biological entities.

“My testimony is based on information I’ve been given by individuals with a long-standing track record of legitimacy and service to this country, many of whom have shared compelling evidence in the form of photography, official documentation, and classified oral testimony to myself and many various colleagues.” Grusch testified to lawmakers.

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Grusch said that he is “driven by a commitment to both truth and transparency rooted in our inherit duty to uphold the United States Constitution and protect the American people.”

When asked if he has faced retaliation for becoming a whistleblower, Grusch stated, “Yes and it was very brutal and unfortunate, some of the tactics they used to hurt me both professionally and personally.”

There was much in the hearing that Mr. Grusch said he could not discuss publicly but was willing to discuss behind closed doors.

The Pentagon has denied all of the allegations, which has been their policy since the 1947 Roswell incident when flying saucers first entered the public consciousness.

Two other whistleblowers testified alongside Mr. Grusch. Ryan Graves, a former US Navy F-18 pilot and retired US Navy Commander David Fravor.

Mr. Graves stated, “Parts of our government are more aware of UAPs than they let on. Excessive classification practices keep crucial information hidden. Since 2021 all UAP videos have been classified as secret or above. This level of secrecy not only impedes our understanding, but fuels speculation and mistrust.”

Graves elaborated on his experience in 2014 when he was stationed in Virginia Beach, and his squadron encountered UAPs that he described as “dark grey or black cubes inside of a clear sphere.”

Retired Commander Fravor described to lawmakers an encounter he witnessed in 2004 off the California coast. He told the Congressional subcommittee that he and another pilot witnessed a white Tic-Tac candy-shaped object hovering over the water before it rapidly climbed higher into the air, accelerated, and disappeared at a rapid speed.

The incident was captured in a 90-second video. Fravor said the event was never investigated.

“What concerns me is there is no oversight from our elected officials on anything associated with our government processing or working on craft believed to be not from this world,” Fravor stated.

All three whistleblowers lamented that current reporting procedures to investigate UAPs are unsatisfactory for both commercial and military incidents and that harsh stigma still exists for pilots and officials who attempt to report their experiences or press for more transparency.

Private corporations and defense contractors were also implicated in allegedly working with the government regarding this exotic non-human technology.

The hearing displayed a rare instance of bipartisanship in a time that has become politically divided and polarized.

“We’re going to uncover the cover-up. And I hope this is just the beginning of many more hearings and many more people coming forward about this,” Republican Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee stated.

“This is by far the most bipartisan conversation and discussion I have seen in the Congress, and I think that a topic of this significance as it relates to our national security, as it relates to information, we are trying to gather for the American public does bring people together and that has been really great to see.” Democratic Representative Robert Garcia of California said in closing remarks.

To watch the UFO Congressional hearing, the Associated Press has it posted on YouTube.

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