Where, oh, where have job postings gone?


Andrea Zanaglio, Assistant News Editor

RMU students seeking student employment on-campus for the summer semester may be scratching their heads. The portal to apply for on-campus jobs has temporarily been disabled in order to automate the student employment process and make it part of ColonialTRAK.

Next, Monday, April 16, is the scheduled launch date for the new process, according to Beth Miller, assistant director of the Career Center.

Years ago, the student employment process was created in-house and has since become inefficient.

“For various reasons, it’s not practical anymore,” Miller  stated.

Career Center Counselor and Student Employment Coordinator Stacy Dempsey along with other members of the Career Center have been working with CSO – Advanced Solutions for Career Service Offices – which is an off-campus vendor, to incorporate student employment within ColonialTRAK.

Their hope is that by making all job postings available in one place, students will find it easier to locate them.

“I think for students it will be a fairly seamless process,” said Miller.

Students will receive an email on Monday, April 16 announcing the change and new process for applying for on-campus and work-study positions.

ColonialTRAK is expected to see some further changes affecting the way in which students register in the near future, according to Miller.