Yorktown Fitness Center transforms into a 24/7 facility


Photo Credit: (MGN Online)

Soundharjya Babu, Assistant News Editor

ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY – New plans for the Yorktown Fitness Center are currently in the works, as the facility is transitioning into a 24/7 facility. Previously, students had limited hours to access the fitness center, but the new initiative aims to make the space more available to Yorktown residents.

In addition to the extended hours, the fitness center will be changing their management. While the Campus Recreation department currently manages this facility, Residence Life will be taking up the duty in the future. Armand Buzzelli, director of Campus Recreation, reminds students to take any troubleshooting issues for the fitness center to Residence Life. Buzzelli also discusses the motives behind the transition.

“Two major factors fueled this decision — student feedback and facility usage,” said Buzzelli. “Students have always asked for more availability in the space because the usage of the facility is restricted to Yorktown residents; and because the users live in the building, they would like to use it whenever they feel like it.”

According to Buzzelli, since the opening of the Student Recreation and Fitness Center in 2017, usage of the Yorktown Fitness Center has declined. Last year, there were between 50 and 60 users per day at Yorktown, a significant difference compared to the 500 to 600 students at the Student Recreation Center.

“Residence hall fitness centers across the country operate this way and we felt it would be great to offer this type of usage to Yorktown residents,” explained Buzzelli.

Along with 24/7 access, the fitness center will be removing free weights in light of any safety risks. Everything else regarding the space will stay the same.

“The new operational model will give residents of Yorktown 24/7 access to an excellent facility,” said Buzzelli.

Buzzelli shares his thoughts on the fitness center as he has a personal connection to the place. He hopes that the 24/7 facility will better accommodate Yorktown residents.

“I helped design the space shortly after we purchased the Holiday Inn,” explained Buzzelli. “I visit colleagues around the region regularly, and the Yorktown Fitness Center is among the nicest and best-equipped residence hall fitness facilities I’ve seen.”

The Yorktown gym is set to reopen to students on Oct. 11 with the new changes.

“It should remain a great option for students who want to travel a short distance from their room to squeeze in a workout any time of the day or night,” said Buzzelli.