Disney embedded in pop culture

On the evening of Thursday April 4, 2013 at 7:30 in the lower level of Salem Hall, students gathered for a unique discussion- Disney princesses in pop culture.  Leading the discussion was John Locke, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development along with Sophomore, Jessica Blodgett.

  To start the discussion, everyone introduced themselves and explained who their favorite Disney princess was and why.  A majority of the students explained they had a personal connection with the movie, which led to a few humorous stories about personal preference of princess.

  Some of the Disney princesses mentioned in this discussion were Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel and Aurora.

  Not only were background stories of the princesses given, but how we can relate to them. Influences on how male and females act toward each other, how the princesses appeal to all cultures and people, and the definition of “Happily Ever After” were also analyzed.

When you think of your personal Disney princess favorite, what do you think?  Have these movies shaped your life?  The questions could go on forever and the topics discussed could have gone on forever.  Growing up is tough, but Disney princesses and other childhood movies can enable us to escape for awhile.

More Pop Culture round table discussions are planned for the future.  As I stated in my last Pop Culture Review, I suggest you attend the event.  Not only are these events fun, but they let you meet other students who you might not know. Not to mention give you a break from the ordinary life of a college student.