A Day in the Life – My Summer

This summer I visited Virginia and Illinois.

In the beginning of June, I went to visit my boyfriend in
Burke, Virginia. He is employed by the Bowie Baysox in Bowie, Maryland, so I
got to check out where he works. While he was at work, I went to a shopping
center. My shopping adventure included a couple stops at Starbuck’s, clothing
stores, and, of course, a stop at Barnes and Noble. At the bookstore I picked
up War and Peace, which I was able to get half way through by the time he was
done for the day.  We also went to Six
Flags. My boyfriend got me to go on a few roller coasters, which was really
funny. I am not a big thrill ride person so I screamed and ended up putting nail
marks in my boyfriend’s hand on a wooden roller coaster. Needless to say, after
that I was not allowed on any ride that went upside down or had huge
drops.  The best part of the trip was
being able to watch my boyfriend’s adult league hockey team. Of course I
tripped myself and sprained my ankle again.
I always enjoy watching him play hockey. Sadly, I had to say goodbye and
go home after a week of fun.

The next part of my summer vacation was a trip to my
Grandma’s in Peoria, Illinois, a six hour drive from Columbus, Ohio.  This trip took place during weekend of July 4.
My Aunt and Uncle also live in that area
on a farm.  On July 3, my family and I
watched fireworks at a local high school. We had a big picnic on July 4. My
grandma and aunt made fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and other yummy
food. Another guest made delicious strawberries covered in red, white, and blue
sugar. My Grandma also made really cute party favors. They were little red,
white, and blue suspenders filled with candy. The next day was a bit sad for a
vacation. We took a trip to go visit my cousin in the cemetery. It is still
hard to go there. Other than that, I really enjoyed seeing my family.

Overall, I had a great summer spending quality time with my
family.  I was excited and anxious to get
back to school and start my Senior year.