A different look at Robert Morris

Yulia Vasilyeva, Staff Writer

When you meet new friends at RMU, right after you tell them your name, your year, and your major you often face the question “how did you end up here?”

We are all here for different reasons whether it is because we had a scholarship for sports, because RMU is a good business school, because the school is close to their hometown, because Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, or any other reason for that matter.

But students are not the only ones who make RMU what it is. There are a lot of people who make our stay here as nice as possible. Do you ever wonder why do those people choose to be involved in students’ lives everyday and how do they feel about it?

“I am really passionate about the community of Coraopolis. I like seeing RMU students get in there and seeing that town revitalized,” says academic and crises counselor, Randon Willard, from Carlisle, PA, who has worked here for five years.

Although there were two positions available for Willard  (one at Robert Morris and one at Cornell University in New York) he decided not to apply to Cornell, because he really liked Robert Morris University. Willard started his career as a campus minister working for CCO and after three years, he changed to a counselor, specifying on community services.

“RMU has a great reputation in Pittsburgh, I saw the advertisement for an international student specialist, and have always enjoyed interacting with people from different cultures,” says Rachel Zughaib from New Castle, PA, who just completed one year at RMU, and hopes to stay on board for many more years.

Zughaib likes working with the approximately 200 international students.

“I like it because I get to meet a lot of very interesting people here. It makes it entertaining and keeps things different each day,” says Pat Long, from West Virginia, who was driving about an hour for four years every day to cook for RMU students at the Food Court. He also admitted that he absolutely likes Robert Morris students.

“The work at RMU is alright,” said the Library Circulation Desk Assistant Charles L. Werme, from Crescent, PA, who has been in charge for the last 18 years. “But I like that here I can meet a lot of people from different places like Russia, Poland, or India. I like to learn new things about these countries and some words in different languages.”

“I choose to work here because to me it’s an impressive university, and I like the people here,” says Karen Wornstun, office assistant of health service, from PA, who was taking care of the RMU students for the last year. “I like the students and the staff. They are friendly, nice, and easy to get alone with. Everybody seems like they are uplifted.”