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A day in the life: American Idol Pittsburgh from a PA’s view

  Working for American Idol Pittsburgh was one of the best experiences of my life.  I was skeptical at first to work for a show that I hadn’t really watched in a long time, but I am so glad I did. 

  There were definitely some awesome people from the Pittsburgh auditions that didn’t make it on the show, and I really do wish that Pittsburgh could have had more than an hour. 

  Instead of recapping the entire episode, I decided to take notes on some of my favorites from Pittsburgh.  This is basically what I was thinking as their auditions aired tonight on American Idol.

  Reed Grimm was one of our favorites. His family was so beyond nice.

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  Chase Likens gave me a hug after he made it through.  He’s definitely one of my favorites from Pittsburgh.  His mom was also very nice and told me a lot about his struggles to get there and how much he really wanted to make it through to Hollywood.

  Creighton was so much fun! Very unique and interesting.  Love that he sang his own song and it impressed the judges.  His voice is so unique and I love it.

  Eben was too adorable! His whole family was really nice too! He definitely is like a little version of Justin Bieber! Plus, how awesome were the posters/signs that his family made for him?!?

  Travis Orlando, his story is so amazing.  I wish him nothing but the best in the future.  I feel like he has so much potential.  Love that he made it through to Hollywood! He deserves his opportunity! He had so many of us in tears when we heard his story.

  Erika Van Pelt!!! So hilarious! One of the nicest people ever! American Idol did an awesome job showing her off! Erika was one of my favorites to come out of Pittsburgh.  Her family was so upbeat and so proud of her for making it through to Hollywood.

  Shane Bruce was one that surprised all of us.  His voice definitely needs to improve.  If he comes back next season, I definitely think he has potential.  So sad seeing him cry.  It was one of those ones that broke our hearts too to see him not make it through.

  Hallie Day was awesome! She was actually the last person to audition in Pittsburgh.  She has been through so much and has so much potential.  I can definitely see her doing well in Hollywood.  I can’t say enough positive things about her.  She was the last one to audition, and I hope she makes it far in Hollywood.

  Overall, I loved the Pittsburgh episode.  I wish they would have shown some more of the “goonies,” but they still did an awesome job showcasing the talent that came out of the Pittsburgh auditions.  I hope that they decide to come back here next summer for Season 12.  Going into this experience, I was definitely skeptical, and I thought Idol had lost me, but working for them and meeting all of the amazing people that I met was definitely worth the 12 plus hour days.

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  • C

    Colleen GrimmJan 20, 2012 at 4:39 pm


    I’m Reed’s Mom and was at the Audition. That was so nice of you to mention the Fam! We had a blast and are so happy Reed made it through. It is quite adventure for sure.

    Happiness and Success to You!
    Colleen(AKA Reed’s Mom)