Dorm life etiquette

Here at RMU, class has been in session for weeks now. Freshmen aren’t walking around looking so clueless any more, and students have that one professor (or five) who assigned five projects the first day of class. It may seem overwhelming, but let’s face it, college life is pretty fun.

However, one issue that caught my eye is residence hall living. Listen guys, I know you had the luxury of living in your own room up until this year with your own bathroom, but things have changed. If you live in any of the residents halls, some of these issues I am about to reveal may strike a chord with you.

The bathrooms- Yes, the toilets flush on their own. This must be a new concept to some people, because low and behold, there is always a lovely surprise waiting in the infamous royal throne. Do everyone a favor and check.

I spoke to a few girls who had some horror stories of their own. Freshmen who preferred to remain anonymous spoke to me about what they found in the bathroom one day.

“I was walking into the bathroom, I look down and I see a condom floating in the toilet! I didn’t know what to do so I just ran out!”

The issue of males using the female bathroom and vice versa has been a problem that should be addressed as well. It seems to be impossible for a male to enter a restroom and not draw some form of genitalia on the wall or toilet. Sorry guys, but you can’t blame the girls when you leave the seat up!

The showers- Showering in a community shower is a brand new concept for many of the freshmen on campus, and the first week of residence living was all about experimenting what methods work best.

Should I..?

  • Hang my towel on the hooks or over the rail
  • Buy a bathrobe or use my towel
  • Change in the shower room

If the past few weeks were your first experience in the community showers, I’m sure you asked yourself those very questions. Another thought that might have crossed your mind may have been,

“What do I do if I pass a member of the opposite sex on my way to or from the shower in my towel/bathrobe?”

This is pressing, I know. But the best thing to do is avoid eye contact at all costs and dance it out. Kidding! Play it cool; everyone showers. This shouldn’t be an out of the ordinary task for 100% of the students on campus.

Laundry- If you haven’t done your own laundry before college, we aren’t judging you. It’s never too late to learn, though. If you haven’t noticed yet, when you don’t get your laundry out right away, or if you let it sit in the dryer for hours on end, it will end up thrown on the floor or even in the trash. Avoid this at all costs! Some helpful tips to keep your hall happy and your clothes safe are as follows:

  • Set a timer
  • Leave a post it note on the washer or dryer
  • Do laundry in the early morning or late at night

Another important thing to remember: You’re not the only one with dirty clothes. If you leave your clothes sitting in the washer for hours at a time, that means that there are twenty-some other girls who potentially needed to do laundry but couldn’t. SAFTEY TIP: Remember to remove the lint from the dryer to avoid starting a fire!

 Roommates– There is a slim chance you were placed with a random stranger that you will become friends for life with. That’s OK! When it comes to roommates, communication is key, but space is vital. There is a time for work and a time for play.

What to do if you hate your roommate?

  • Talk to them
  • Discuss boundaries
  • Try to bond

If worse comes to worse, talk to your C.A about the problems and they will have a better solution to your debacle.

Social Life– You are now sharing a space with anywhere between 24-28 people. They may or may not be on different time schedules than you. We are not asking you to stick a buzz kill to your social life, but is it necessary to have a crowd of people in your dorm at 1am shouting and laughing?

“I was on my way back to my room, I thought my roommate was out for a couple of hours. I turned the key and pushed open the door, and there she was, hooking up with her boyfriend! I was horrified!”

Take into consideration that the walls aren’t sound proof. Noise travels a long way, especially when someone is trying to get some sleep before a big 8am exam the next morning. Without the lounges this year, we are faced with limited space to hang out. Do your best to keep the noise down late at night and don’t bug your neighbors!

Some tips to help keep the noise out:

  • Buy ear plugs
  • Listen to music with ear buds
  • Go to the library to study

Adjusting to college life is easy for some, and difficult for others. Keep in mind that living in someone else’s space isn’t always the easiest thing, but it is possible. It’s going to be a great year, so live it up! Don’t let that residence living status stand in your way of having a successful year of college.