Food Court

types of changes occurred on the RMU campus during the 2011 summer months.
Roads that needed attention were paved, and new buildings such as our business
school and a residence building, Peter Salem Hall, were completed. In addition,
first-year and returning students were welcomed with a stunning, modern cafeteria.


unique renovations to the Nicholson Center food court certainly brought the
atmosphere up-to-date. In previous years, students ate in a place that seemed
old and generic, like a high school’s cafeteria. If they did not have the
luxury of choosing a seat, students were stuck dining on shaky tables in
unstable chairs. And, who could forget those ancient televisions mounted to the
wall? Whether they were powered on or off, it was unlikely anyone even watched.


the cafeteria has a positive and contemporary setting with updated technology.
It has noticeably more seating with an entirely different set up. Hungry
students have a wide variety of seating.
They can either sit at a bar, or a tradition four-person table. There
are numerous HDTVs that actually display images that people want to see. Some
show ESPN, and others display school-related messages and useful information.  Also, Freshëns, the new station serves
yogurts, smoothies, and other fruit-filled treats, and is definitely a great
addition to the food court. It has shown potential in becoming the most popular
choice of students who demand more healthy food at RMU.


the results from the transformation of the cafeteria are striking. I think that
this is a respectable step for RMU in its attempt to keep up with today’s
culture.  The new eating environment is definitely
pleasing and up-to-date for future students who plan to attend the university. If
you believe your tuition is not being used for anything good, take a look
around next time you are eating in the food court.