Get your holiday spirit on

The holidays are
coming and many of us are having many family dinners and other social events to
attend. You may feel overwhelmed with choosing an outfit but with simple rules
to follow, your holiday season should be less stressful and more memorable and
fun. The first thing is to always try to mix up your choices.
Yes, glitter and sequins are a go to holiday option but try something new.

  When you think of holiday parties and what to
wear, sequins and glitter come to mind. Well, yes these are great choices, but
if you are always wearing this vibrant combo, it is time to try something else.
Instead of having a sequin or glitter dress, wear a solid colored dress and
wear a nice sequin bag. Add a giant cocktail ring and a pair of your favorite

  Wearing a dress is not necessary. A good pair
of jeans or a skirt works perfectly. Leggings are also a good option, given
the fact that leggings come in so many styles and designs. For jeans, wearing a
darker wash makes your outfit look a bit dressier. Pair the jeans with your
favorite top and adding a cute fitted jacket or cardigan can make the outfit more
comfy and cozy but also chic

Shoes are of
course another important part of an outfit. If you are not a heels-type of
girl, there is no problem with flats. Steve Madden and J. Crew make the best
flats. These flats come in many styles, from ballet to loafers (which are
trendy for fall). Wearing heels are also a great choice. Just make sure to wear
comfortable ones, especially if you are going to a cocktail-style holiday

  If you have no idea what to wear, check out
some fashion blogs and even your favorite store’s website. These places are
always good inspirational sources.

  The fringe trend is nice to try.
Fringe is always a fun go to trend because it can be made by many different
types of materials. Suede is a good material for the fall and winter. Chain
fringe is also fun and more edgy.

  Having the best bag is also important. Buying
a good bag for the holiday season does not have to cost you hundreds of
dollars. Forever 21 has a huge selection of bags. You can find many styles from
clutches to satchels. Don’t be afraid to stay away from clutches. The holiday
season should be fun and should be about having fun with fashion. Carry an
extra-large clutch or even a shoulder bag.

  Hats are huge this fall. Fur hats have made a
huge comeback, and all of the top designers included them in their fall/winter
collections. Berets are always stylish and can harmonize an outfit. Knitted
berets are great also because some are made with sequins and different designs.

Last but not least
depending on where you are for the holidays, it may be cold out so wear a coat
to keep you warm. A traditional pea coat will look amazing over a dress or a
top and pants duo. If you can even find a warm trench coat, that would be
perfect. A trench coat over a little black dress looks classic.

  Motorcycle leather jackets can give your
outfit an edge. You cannot forget about the glamorous fur coat. There are so
many styles to choose from. Most designers are making faux fur coat. You should
pick which one you feel most comfortable in. If you are smaller try not to get
a long fur coat, it will overpower you. Hopefully all of these tips will make
your holiday easier.