Healthcare in the United States

Yulia Vasilyeva, Staff Writer

A couple of days ago, I saw the pay check for
a diagnosis test for appendicitis. The patient did not receive any real
help, it was just an examination, that costs $10,000.

As usual, the patient went to get a test of
some sort in a hospital and handed up spending a couple hours in the hospital.
The doctor saw him for a couple of minutes, gave him a pill of some sort, did a few checkups and send him to his merry way. But he was still in pain even after he left the hospital.

could not believe that. I find it unreasonable for someone to have to pay a high
cost for his or her healthcare even if he or she does not have a health

Healthcare in the United States is one of the
most expensive in the world. The amount of money people, especially those who
are not insured, spend on medical care can be unimaginable.

It is
true that having a health insurance is one of the best ways to save money for
medical care, but health insurances only cover 90 percent or less of what
people need healthcare for.

Oftentimes, you still have to pay for the
rest of the cost out of your own pocket, and that can cost a couple of your
monthly checks or even more (who knows).

The health insurances coverage also depends
on many factors such as the age of the health insurance carrier or rarity of

A health insurance by itself costs a lot of
money. For example, student health insurance at Robert Morris University costs
$1,015. This could be the sum of three monthly salaries for someone with a part time job.

I think that as health is one of the most
important factors in someone’s life it ought to be cheaper than that. People
should be able pay a reasonable amount of money for their treatments or

For someone who does not have a health
insurance and needs to recover from a broken leg, that would cost him or her
at least $1,500 in the United States. For example, it would be
cheaper for me, if I would not have a health insurance, to fly back to my home
country, Russia, get a free treatment and come back.

In Russia, healthcare is free. The Russian healthcare system permits everybody toreceive medical care without worrying about the cost
of it. Nonetheless, some people prefer to pay for their medical are to receive a better service. In other words, paid healtcare give the patients a better condition in the hospitals not a better treatment.

It is hard to believe that healthcare in
Russia can be so different from the United States’ healthcare with the biggest difference being that it is
free unlike in the United States.

Moreover, those healthcare expenses can make
it almost impossible to save money. If somebody is sick, there is only one way
to get better – get medical care. If the person is in a critical condition, the
cost of it should be the last of his or her worries.

Another reason for making healthcare cheap is
that a person who is sick or injured is not only in physical pain but also
emotional pain. Therefore, this kind of expense is enough to kill that person.

It is probably better to make healthcare free
because nothing could be more important than the safety of human beings.
The expensive new technology is an understandable reason for such an expensive
medical care, but I think that we should care about people’s health first and worry about the money last.