RMU – Changing lives one at a time

Here, our motto is that attending RMU is life changing, and in only my second semester, I can say RMU has changed my life.

I was always one of those kids who disliked going to school, but at RMU, I can say I enjoy school.  The university’s six core values and mission statement are nothing less than the truth.

Every professor that I have cares about each student and makes an effort to learn who you are quite well. Up to this point, my professors strive to reach out and help each student in whatever they need.

The faculty members are always supporting RMU, and I always see them at campus sporting events and activities. There is nothing better than seeing your own professor supporting not only you, but also the entire student body.

I, for one, always ask for help when I struggle, and the Center for Student Success is a blessing. The counselors and tutors not only help me, but also many other students who need help.

Student Life and the Student Civic Engagement offices are always organizing events throughout the school, and I am extremely proud of their efforts for offering a large variety of activities for students.

This school has a culture I did not find on any other colleges visits. The students are welcoming and care about each another, and the blend of students at RMU makes it unlike other universities.

Finally, our President, Dr. Gregory Dell’Omo is exceptional.

Unlike other colleges, Dr. Dell’Omo is seen on a daily basis interacting with faculty and students; he is an excellent people person and truly takes into account student concerns.

I am extremely proud of how our president works with the students and has continued to make RMU into a welcoming university.

Robert Morris University tells the truth, they care for the individual student. The people at RMU make it special, and make it a place that feels like home.

During my first year here, I have gotten involved with RMU TV and RMU Radio, as well as the Non-Profit Alliance Program and a few other organizations. They keep me involved and have truly enhanced my experience at RMU. RMU has changed my life, has it changed yours?