Looking forward to 2014

New Year’s resolutions have been broken, it’s been about a month since you visited the gym on January first, and we are already banking on 2015 being “that year”, but you obviously don’t know what you are missing. With some extensive research, I have found the nine most important events that are expected to happen this year. I am not psychic so don’t hold me to these, but if what I have found does come true, 2014 might not be so bad after all. So continue reading to find out what caught my interest in pop culture for this upcoming year (in no particular order).

There is one thing to look forward to that puts these horrible weather conditions to good use. The dreaded ice and snow we have experience means only one thing, it’s almost time for the 2014 XXII Winter Olympics. On February 7th, Sochi, Russia will be crowded with onlookers to watch many winter events, including the debut of the women’s ski jump. The Winter Olympics will conclude on February 23rd, and is estimated to have cost about $50 billion dollars. Everyone should tune in and watch history in the making.

Speaking of history, NASA is making big steps with a new spacecraft called the Orion. The Orion will be the first unmanned spacecraft to venture into space. It will set records being the farthest traveling spacecraft since Apollo 17 in 1972, estimating a record of a whopping 3,600 miles above Earth. NASA doesn’t plan on releasing the spacecraft until September, but the progress being made is simply out of this world!

While that last pun probably didn’t make you chuckle, “Louie” fans will be laughing when the show returns to the FX network in May. After taking a much needed break, comedian Louis C.K. has returned to film the show after two years. Season 4 will premiere in May, better than ever.

Improvements are necessary to an extent, but Mercedes- Benz has once again outdone itself and has given us a glimpse into the future. The Sedan class E was introduced this year and has an unexpected touch, which is ironically hands free. This year, Mercedes-Benz has added a “steering assist” feature, which means cars are driving on their own, right? Not quite like most would expect, but the cars are in fact steering themselves. When drivers are traveling under 18mph, “steering assist” can be used. The slogan for the new car is – “The future, redefined. Again.”

Some ideas are being reinvented, but the biggest and oldest question haunting this year in TV land is, “Who is the mom?!?” For all of the How I Met your Mother fans, the answer has been long awaited, and your questions will be answered this year. How I Met your Mother’s series finale is airing on March 31st. If you don’t watch the show, this is a warning that you have about two months to catch up on all 8 seasons. It’s possible, you just have to want it. Hopefully this episode is everything HIMYM fans have been waiting for, 8 years in the making. But it isn’t over yet! “How I Met Your Dad” has been approved for a pilot as a spin off. Hopefully CBS isn’t getting too ahead of themselves.

On a more serious note, medicine is making life saving inventions. The latest? The first all oral pill treatment for Hepatitis C called ‘Sovaldi’ has been approved by the FDA and will be available this year. The underlying issue is the cost of the drug. Each pill is estimated at $1,000 dollars, the total recommended treatment being 24 weeks would total an outstanding price of $168,000 to complete the treatment of this strain of H.I.V. The price seems outrageous, but this pill is expected to cut treatment from years to weeks.

If you’re looking for a tear-jerker, then it is time for you to check out “The Fault in Our Stars”. Not only has this Best Selling book had great success, but the novel has been transformed to a movie. For those of you who have doubts about whether this movie is worthy, take a look at the trailer, just released on January 29th. The two and a half minutes alone will have you in tears, with no prior knowledge of the book. The Fault in Our Stars will be in theatres this June, which gives all of you “non- readers” plenty of time to pick up the book and completely devour it.

Hello sports fans. Specifically football. If you plan on tuning into the Superbowl on Sunday, despite the Steelers not playing, have your iTunes account ready. U2 is fighting with music to save the world. Not having released a new album since 2009, U2 is making a comeback. The song “Invisible” will debut during the game. What’s the catch? ITunes will have the song available to download for free during the game and 24 hours after. For every download, $1 will be given to the Global Funds to help fight AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. The album is due this spring, but don’t miss an opportunity to do some good in the world, as well as enjoy a good tune.

To conclude my list of noteworthy events to come in 2014, Kanye West has announced he will stop trash talking this year. I wish I was kidding, but I can also say that this is not my last important event. In the world of pointless entertainment that we watch when nothing else is on, ‘Kimye’ will be pronounced husband and wife this June. Third times a charm, right Kim? While Kim Kardashian/Humphreys/Thomas soon to be West has a baby in the carriage (North West), she hopes that this will be her last marriage to her best friend and infamous rap star, Kanye. While this may not seem to be important in almost everyone’s minds, it is a big deal to E! News and fans specifically. We will try to avoid the wedding, but can a divorce be something we look forward to in 2014 as well? Only time will tell.

There you have it, 2014 in a nutshell. While everyone has different interests, these topics are the most unavoidable. I can’t say I didn’t warn you, but either good or bad, this year has a lot in store. Stay tuned for updates, and if all goes well, this year will be better than ever.