Atlantic Hockey to introduce goal review for 2013-2014 season

Brooke Smith, Copy Editor

After ten years of existence, the Atlantic Hockey Association will finally introduce video replays of disputed and non-goal calls for the 2013-14 season.

This update to the league will make it so that every school in Division I men’s ice hockey has some sort of goal review.

Robert Morris head coach Derek Schooley believes the implementation of goal review will benefit the league in multiple ways.

“If you don’t review them, then you’re giving the players an injustice both ways.  I think it just makes for a cleaner and honest game,” said Schooley “There won’t be any whining or complaining that this one went in or that one should’ve went in. We’re the only Division I league in college hockey that doesn’t have it, and we need to implement it.”

Schooley also welcomes the latest advancement in Atlantic Hockey.

“I think it’s a necessity.  There’s too many goals that are close, too many pucks that are around the crease,” he said.  “You see it happen once or twice a game when a goal should be reviewed.  Goals are so hard to score that you need to make sure things are treated right.”

Freshman goaltender, Terry Shafer is also in favor of goal review.

“I think it would be great.  Getting the calls right is essential whether it works for or against you,” said Shafer.  “It’s important that they get the calls right all the time, so I’m 100 %/percent for them implementing goal review.”

Both Schooley and Shafer realize just how important goal review will be for Atlantic Hockey, and it will make the game a lot better for all involved.

“There’s controversial goals all of the time, and right now with the way it is, it’s up to the refs discretion.  Maybe the ref had the best angle to see it, maybe he didn’t,” said Shafer.  “If you can have a chance to look at the play again, why not? That’s my opinion; why not make sure you’ve got it right instead of just sticking with what they think they saw.”

“If everybody else is doing it, then why aren’t we doing it?  Our athletic directors were great about it,” said Schooley.  “Our coaches were in favor of it, it doesn’t allow any gray area, and every team in the nation has it, and we need to have it.”

Shafer also realizes that while goal review will help the goaltenders, it also might work against them in some situations.

“It might help me or it might hurt me.  Sometimes I’m sure it will work out my way, maybe they’ll call a few more high-sticks or a hand pass or something,” said Shafer. “Sometimes it might go against you, but at the end of the day, if they’re getting the call right, that’s what the most important thing is.”

As of right now, there is no set location for where the camera or cameras will be placed, but the league is working on figuring those details out.

“They’re working on where the cameras will be placed. I’m assuming it will be above the net in every building,” said Schooley  “In every other league it’s just above the net.  There are a couple of different companies that they’re talking to.”