RMU loses chance to get first-ever win over Georgetown Hoyas


The RMU men’s lacrosse team (1-2, 0-0 NEC) couldn’t get their first-ever win over the Georgetown University Hoyas (2-0)12-11 in the 2018 home opener at Joe Walton Stadium on Saturday.

The first quarter started by Georgetown winning the face-off and being a great offensive force by keeping the ball away from the get-go from Robert Morris.

Georgetown really kept RMU on their feet when they scored with 12:52 left 1-0.

The Colonials got back at the Hoyas by scoring just a couple minutes later 10:21, tying the game up at one apiece and another score just seconds later at 9:59 both by attacker Jimmy Perkins.

The first goal Perkins made was assisted by Corson Kealey and the second was assisted by Jack Toomb.

Even though Robert Morris took a brief lead, Georgetown kept climbing back when they added another goal at 7:35, tying the game at two each.

Georgetown wasn’t going to give Robert Morris a break as they took a 3-2 lead with 6:10 left in the first quarter.

The first quarter ended 3-2 Georgetown Hoyas.

The second quarter started with a Georgetown goal 12:46 left, leaving the Hoyas with a 4-2 lead over the Colonials.

Robert Morris got their first goal in the second quarter by attacker Adrian Torok-Orban 9:14 left, leaving a 4-3 Georgetown lead.

Georgetown kept continuing to pound the Colonials as the Hoyas put a 5-3 lead with 5:43 left.

Head Coach Andrew McMinn gave his initial reaction to the Georgetown Hoyas strong work.

“They’re a very competitive program, and they have quite a history of being a team of being in final the weekend before, so we knew we were facing a good opponent, especially with we saw on film last week,” said McMinn.

Robert Morris continued their rallying efforts with two goals, the first was by RMU’s Matt Schmidt assisted by Jimmy Perkins 1:28 left in the quarter. The second was scored by Jimmy Perkins with just 0:36 left in the quarter. This brought the game to a 5-5 tie.

Georgetown continued to put up the seemingly impossible by scoring another goal with just three seconds left in the quarter. The second quarter ended 6-5 Hoyas.

Georgetown began the third quarter by tacking on another three straight goals, putting up a 9-5 lead over the Colonials in snowy weather conditions.

RMU began their rallying efforts again in the third when Matt Schmidt scored the team’s sixth goal, with an assist from Tyson Gibson at 8:44.

Georgetown would later hold on to a 10-6 lead for the next four minutes when Corson Kealey scored with some help from Tyson Gibson and then Gibson himself would later score unassisted, bringing the score to 10-8 Georgetown with about three minutes left in the quarter.

The third quarter ended 10-8 Hoyas.

The final quarter was focused on the Colonials trying to be triumphant over the Hoyas as they went into the quarter down 10-8.

The Colonials tacked on their first point of the quarter at 8:25 when Gibson added another goal, making the rally close at 10-9 Georgetown.

Georgetown kept Robert Morris’ rally to a minimum when they added another goal at 6:21 in the fourth quarter.

The scoring efforts from both teams continued as the game stayed competitive.

Georgetown scored at 3:05 in the final quarter making it 12-9 Hoyas, and then RMU’s Ryan Smith goal with an assist from Perkins inched the Colonials closer.

In a last-ditch rally effort, Robert Morris scored with just 12 seconds left in the quarter by Matt Schmidt.

However, the game ended with a close 12-11 loss over Georgetown.

After the game, McMinn discussed his thoughts of RMU’s lost chance of getting the win against the Hoyas.

“Yeah, last year was the first time we had played these guys, we’ll have them on the schedule again next year, so certainly hoping to reverse those results from last year and today,” said McMinn.

Robert Morris plays their next game on the road against Penn State University on Saturday Feb. 24 at 12 p.m.