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You don’t deserve to be treated like the dirt you walk on

Laura Deely, Staff Writer April 29, 2012

There is something that has been on my mind recently, and I cannot seem to shake it.  It is about girls who date guys who treat them like the dirt they walk on. I hate to admit it, but I used to be one of those girls who let her boyfriend walk all...

Act your age not your shoe size

Laura Deely, Staff Writer February 16, 2012

I find it extremely irritating and childish when people think that it is okay to judge and bully people.  Aren’t we old enough to realize that we have absolutely no right to gossip about someone else’s life? We are supposed to be adults. We are...

Don’t let the chance for something great pass you by


It is hard to understand why so many of us are afraid of falling in love, but it makes sense if we had our heart broken once or twice in our life. We put up walls to block people from seeing our vulnerable side because we feel as if we will only be...

Who’s Been Keeping up with the Kardashians?

Laura Deely, Staff Writer December 4, 2011

  This past week my professor asked us to choose a medium and analyze it. Basically, we could pick any commercial, TV show, magazine, movie or song that we would like to write about. It was a no brainer for me to choose my favorite TV show “Keeping...

It’s Time We Learn No Means No

Laura Deely, Staff Writer November 9, 2011

Rape. It is a strong topic to write my first opinion piece on, but with the recent events at Slippery Rock University, I feel compelled to get my voice heard about the terrifying and horrific ordeal of getting assaulted. Two individuals, Brian Chieze...

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