All natural ways to beat the blues

Abigail Miller

Winter break is great. You get to spend time with family over the holidays and with friends on New Year’s Eve. But now that you are back to school or work your intensely uplifted mood has taken a plunge. Getting back into the swing of things is harder than it may sound–you set the alarm every night to wake up on time, get up, get dressed, bang out a day of work, do some chores around the house and then before you know it it’s time for bed. Yet, you are still wired from the busy day and find it difficult to unwind.

Salt Lamp
Photo credit: Abigail Miller

Many things that help your body feel at peace can be found in nature. Try placing a Himalayan pink salt lamp near a space you frequent often, like on your desk. When Himalayan pink salt heats up, it releases negative ions that disperse into the air and help relieve feelings of anxiety and depression, which can be side effects or causes of stress.

Another great thing that is 100% derived from nature is essential oils. They have a range of benefits from helping you breath better, getting a better night’s sleep and even boosting your immune system. DoTERRA is a company known for their completely pure oils, and they have produced a calming blend of oils–aptly named Serenity. This oil can be used on the skin or diffused into the air, and it gives a relaxing and happy feeling. Lavender and Lemon oils also give the same effect when used together.

Essential Oils
Photo credit: Abigail Miller

Do you ever feel like you are too anxious and jittery to fall asleep at night? Chamomile tea may be the missing link in your bedtime routine. Chamomile is a pollen that comes from a daisy-like flower. Be aware that if you are allergic to ragweed, you may want to stay away from chamomile tea. This herb has been used for centuries to help with stomach craps, insomnia and restlessness. Make sure to add some honey in as sweetener because by using sugar, the relaxing chamomile may not have the same results.

By following just a few of these all natural ways to de-stress, you will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated and open the door to a happier life.