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Alternative Halloween music

Tori Flick

Making a playlist for a Halloween party can be stressful. You never know what your listeners’ mood will be, what they want to hear and what kind of music feels like Halloween to them. While “Flying Purple People Eater” is a holiday hit, a college party doesn’t really have room for the Halloween hits your kid brother or sister like, so here are some great seasonal songs to spice up your event.

1. Nightmare Revisited

If you want to experiment, while not straying too far away from the classics, I can highly suggest “Nightmare Revisited.” A remastering of the “Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack with a variety of musicians and genres, it’s sure to be a pumpkin smashing hit at a party. The album features Marilyn Manson’s amazing rendition of “This is Halloween” and Amy Lee, more widely known for her role in Evanescence, covering “Sally’s Song” with beautiful vocals.

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2. Creature Feature

Creature Feature also offers a unique spin on Halloween music. Combining rock and roll with a sound similar to classic cartoons, they offer a more engaging experience than just canned Halloween sound effects. “The Greatest Show Unearthed” is a good touch for a creepy party, and “Aim for the Head” is a great song regardless of seasons or themes.

3. Angel Witch

You can never go wrong with classic rock and roll, and there is plenty of material available in this genre. Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankenstein” is iconic for the season, and songs like AC/DCs “Highway to Hell” and “Hell’s Bells” can bring some life to the party. I recommend “Angel Witch” by Angel Witch–offering some great guitar playing as well as giving some much-needed energy to a spooky playlist.

4. Helloween

Another good rock band to listen to is Helloween. As the name suggests, they have a more fantastical sound to their music–making them a perfect match for the scariest day of the year. All of their music sounds great, but I strongly encourage you to listen to “Halloween,” which is a 13-minute epic of rock music. It takes a while to get through the song, but it’s an entertaining listen for the car ride to your next party.

5. Reggae Mortis

If you want a more comedic spin to your party, Aurelio Voltaire has you covered. Voltaire has always put a cheesy Halloween spin to his music and offers a large variety of genres and sound to choose, so surely one of his albums can fit your theme. Some personal favorites from his extensive discography are “Reggae Mortis,” “Cannibal Buffet” and “Death Death (Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil, Songs).”

6. Rob Zombie

If you’re looking for something more intense for your parties, there’s plenty of metal that can fit your theme. The strongest candidate for your playlist is Rob Zombie. “Hellbilly Deluxe” still holds up as an amazing album after 19 years, and it is great for this time of the year. Featuring iconic tracks like “Dragula” and “Living Dead Girl,” it’s a great choice for a party of metal fans.

7. Skeleton Metal II

For those who want the intense sounds of metal and the comedy of Voltaire–don’t lose hope, there’s an album for you, too. “Skeleton Metal II” by Vargskelethor is a love track dedicated to the most metal of all Halloween props: the skeleton. Featuring the lead singer of Scythelord, Joel uses his metal talents to perform goofy songs about skeletons while offering genuinely good metal. Fair warning, some of the songs can be a little vulgar, but listening closely to the lyrics will reveal the clever writing used to make the songs comedic. Tracks like “Bone Zone” and “United States of Skeleton” are sure to get some laughs out of your fellow metal heads and can give your party some “unique” flair.

The music listed here is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty of rocking Halloween music out there, so make your season memorable by finding some new treats.

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