“Free Guy”: the video game underdog story inspires audiences


(Credit: 20th Century Studios)

(Possible spoilers ahead)

Blue Shirt Guy teaches us to become the main character in our lives and to not have good days, but great days. “Free Guy,” directed by Shawn Levy, swung into theaters on Aug. 13 and has left audiences buzzing.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy, a bank teller whose life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers he is a background character in a video game. His life is simple and repetitive; he puts on the same blue shirt everyday, greets his goldfish good morning, and complies when the bad guys break into his bank.

The cinematography in the movie has not really been seen before. Other movies such as “Ready Player One” and even recent hit “Space Jam: A New Legacy” have some similarities. However, “Free Guy” impressively experiments with new visuals to immerse the audience into the film’s video game, Free City.

What makes this film’s cast unique is the numerous cameos. Big names like Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson and Hugh Jackman voice the avatars in the video game. A beloved game show host is even shown in a fictitious episode.

Not only have fans been excited for these cameos, but famed YouTubers and Twitch stars from real life made appearances as well. Gamers such as Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, and DanTDM were seen discussing breakthrough non-playable-character Guy.

Along with cameos, the movie is a giant Easter egg hunt. Captain America himself, Chris Evans, is shown for a moment when Guy pulls out an unexpected tool. There are a few others that everyone’s extremely excited about – keeping in mind that this is a Disney production.

There is a happy ending to the story, but the original conclusion was much different. The real life creators of Free Life the game, Keys and Millie, came together, Guy and Molotovgirl were originally going to stay together inside the virtual world. This would have meant that Millie would have had to stay inside the game and be in a relationship with a character that isn’t real. I think creators realized that a real life romance is the more satisfying, and less odd, ending.

Viewers after watching “Free Guy” leave with that happy and satisfactory feeling and with the mindset to not just be a background character in life. For myself personally, I was craving some bubblegum ice cream.