Grammy Award-Winning Singer, Billie Eilish, Brings “Happier Than Ever: World Tour” to Pittsburgh


Photo Credit: Terryaun Bell

PITTSBURGH, PA – While we are in times of face-masks, vaccination records, environmental crises and more, Billie Eilish helped distract us from reality on Tuesday, February 8 with her “Happier Than Ever: World Tour”. The tour was at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh and provided the city with something universally adored…concerts. A concert that transcends boundaries and brings people from all walks of life together with the sole purpose of having a great time.

The concert started with the opening act, Tkay Maidza, who performed multiple songs with “24k” being my favorite of the set. I have never heard of this artist prior, however after listening to her setlist I will definitely pay closer attention to her as an artist.

After Maidza, it was time for Eilish to take the stage.

She opened the show with her award-winning song, “bury a friend”. This song served as the lead single during the release of “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” and is currently sitting at 29.1 million streams.

She had an amazing stage set-up that paired with the dark, ominous vibe of the song wonderfully. Her performance of “bury a friend” set the tone and enthralled the crowd for the remainder of the concert.

While she performed all of her hits like “bury a friend”, “bad guy”, and “when the party’s over”, she still allotted time to perform some of her songs that the general public would not know, but her devoted fanbase would.

This section of the concert put her immense vocal control, ability, and agility on display for fans and the average concert-goer to appreciate. This also allowed Billie to get more intimate on stage. She even noted that the songs she sang, “Male Fantasy” and “Your Power” are two of her personal favorite songs.

The outstanding concert continued and even touched on a political topic, climate change. During her performance of the song “all the good girls go to hell” short clips of environmental disasters played on the screen behind and on the stage. Forest fires, oil spills, droughts, and more were shown followed by a powerful message from Billie herself; urging people to love the planet and take better care of it.

After everyone was dancing and having a great time, Billie took a moment to sing “when the party’s over” in order to give the crowd time to relax. Prior to the start of the song she offered the audience members in general admission bottles of water, which her tour crew handed out. As for audience members in the seats, she advised them to use the restroom, get some water, have a seat and take a moment to rest.

After this, it was time for Billie to close the show. She performed her hit “Bad Guy” and then closed out the show with “Happier Than Ever” which includes two different sections. The first is a slow, smooth vibe, and then the second is a rock empowering emotional release.

Afterward, the show officially closed with the song “goodbye” which actually includes a verse from each of the songs from her 2019 album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”. This song is also one of my favorites so I was elated to hear it on the setlist.

The “Happier Than Ever” tour originally was supposed to start in 2020 as the “Where Do We Go” tour, which is reflective of her 2019, Grammy award-winning album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic at the time, Billie decided it was best to cancel the tour. Although she had to postpone her tour for almost two years because of the pandemic, she made her way back to PPG Paints arena to provide all attendees with a show they would remember for years to come.

While the tour was canceled in 2020, Eilish still found a way to perform. She performed a medley of songs for fans virtually. Taking the “Where Do We Go?” Tour and changing it into a live stream concert. She also was able to release a short film about body shaming titled “Not My Responsibility,” which later served as an interlude in the “Happier Than Ever” world tour.

All in all, Billie Eilish is an incredible performer especially with how young she is, and after attending this concert I do not see that stopping anytime soon.