Humans of RMU: The Male Cheerleader


Maura Linehan

Cheerleading may be seen as a feminine sport by some, but, in reality, it takes a great deal of technique and strength. Asa Bull, a junior at Robert Morris, is a second year male cheerleader, and while he has not been involved in the sport for very long, cheering is something that the athlete in him has wanted to try.


“I joined my sophomore year,” Bull said. “I’d always been interested in cheerleading but never really had the time because I played other sports.”

Bull has an active lifestyle, and he is a member of the RMU rugby team in addition to his spot on the cheerleading squad. Surprisingly, rugby and cheerleading seem to go together for him and others.

“A lot of the male cheerleaders have been rugby players, and I play rugby as well,” Bull said. “I also love rock climbing, free running, and I played soccer through high school.

Being fit is an important part of his routine, which has proven to be beneficial since becoming a cheerleader. He and the other men on the squad have a physically demanding schedule as they prepare themselves for the sport.

“We’re in the gym Monday through Thursday, and we’re also doing three hours of practice Monday and Wednesday—where we’re lifting the girls and throwing them the whole time,” Bull said. “Physically, it’s pretty demanding.”


While most people would expect the physical demands to be the toughest part of being a cheerleader, Bull finds that learning the intricate routines is actually the most challenging aspect. One of the big reasons for that is how new he is to the sport compared with his female teammates.

“The women have been counting and doing routines since they were really young,” Bull said. “The timing comes so naturally to them, and [the men] have to think about it. It’s so easy for us to just toss someone up using power but doing it to a timed routine is hard.”

One of the most exciting moments experienced by Bull was last year’s NCAA basketball tournament game against Duke. The RMU cheerleaders traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina and helped rally the fans,

“There were thousands of people in the stands,” Bull said. “It was so cool to have a crowd that big—it was one of the biggest RMU crowds we’ve ever had. It was an awesome experience.”

That experience has him looking forward to this year’s basketball season and to the possibility of more tournament games.

“I’m excited for basketball season,” Bull said. “I love being able to travel for any of the tournament games—it’s always so cool.”