iZombie: Warm Bodies meets Psych


Sean Koepfinger

The CW is currently dominating tv adaptations of comic books with titles like Arrow and The Flash. The newest addition to their lineup strays from the superhero stories and gives us something with a little more horrorshow flare.

iZombie tells the story of Liv Moore, a former medical student infected by a zombie virus who has her life flipped upside down. After finding herself as a member of the recently undead, Liv’s new hunger for brains leaves her with a the side effect of seeing the memories of the brains she consumes. Using her newfound ability, Liv retraces the steps of murder victims in order to find their killers.

Essentially, this makes iZombie a strange mix between Zom-Com’s like Warm Bodies and quirky detective shows like Psych. The result is a brilliantly campy concept that is executed fairly well. The pilot introduces several characters and stories that may be explored further in later episodes, but seem a little cluttered when introduced all at once.

The CW has a reputation for predominantly female-aimed shows but their recent success with the arguably more masculine Arrow and Flash has persuaded the network to expand their audience. iZombie, premiering after The Flash, is definitely being catered to the same audience. The show will most likely find success among fans of similar paranormal shows such as Grimm, Supernatural, and Buffy.

Although iZombie strays from its comic book source material, the show provides a fun and fresh spin on several old genres and is definitely a series that I hope will be around for awhile.

If you missed iZombie, be sure to check it out online and let us know what you think.

Are you excited for this new series?