Paul Ryan pays a visit to Moon Township

Patrick Ryan, News Editor

The presidential bid for office of the President of the United States made yet another stop this morning in Moon Township. En route to Belmont, Ohio, Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan got off his flight at Pittsburgh International Airport and made an appearance at a rally. Other guests at the rally in the hangar of Atlantic Aviation included PA Senate hopeful Tom Smith, Auditor General hopeful John Maher, PA State Treasurer hopeful Diana Irey Vaughan and PA Attorney General hopeful David Freed.

The event falls not even a week after the second presidential debate between Mitt Romney and the incumbent, President Barack Obama.

Although every event in a presidential race, especially this point with less than 20 days to go until the election, is important, this one for the Romney/Ryan campaign could prove to be pivotal to the outcome of the election heading into battleground states like Ohio.

According to a recent Gallup report, the popular vote among likely voters is 50 percent to 46 percent in favor of the Romney campaign.

However, in battleground states such as Ohio and Virginia, every single campaign event, let alone presidential debate, is huge.

In the last twelve presidential elections, Ohio has predicted the winning candidate every single year.

It is typically rare for republicans to campaign in Pennsylvania, due to the fact that nowadays, the state leans left after years of being considered a toss up state. Despite this fact, Romney has traveled throughout the state and the Republican party has run ads. The party has yet to see much significant progress as a result of their efforts.

Some predicted that due to the new voter identification laws in PA, there would be a smaller Democratic turnout on Nov. 6. However, those laws have seem been overturned and it will not be a requirement to show voter identification at the polls.

Polls by Quinnipiac, New York Times and CBS News refute this claim. According to all three, President Obama and the Democratic campaign holds an 11 point lead on Romney/Ryan.

No matter who you believe should be the next, or remain the President of the United States, do your civic duty on Nov. 6 and get to the polls to vote. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your community, and most of all you owe it to your country.