Save money at college: The best student discounts


Miller Overmoyer, Contributor

One of the biggest problems that college students face is how to afford everything they need to be successful in school. With the help of this guide, anyone can save money on the essentials for school. Here is our countdown of the best student discounts.

6. McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway each offer 10% off the total purchase when you use your student ID. Instead of a discount, Chick-fil-A offers a free drink. These offers are perfect for the ever hungry student.

5. Using a student ID at the Apple Store can save you up to $300 on a new Mac and receive a free pair of Beats headphones. With the popularity of Apple computers, you can get a new laptop for a reasonable price.

4. You can use your student email to save 50% on a Spotify Premium account or an Apple Music subscription. This can save you an extra five bucks each month, which will really add up.

3. Amazon Prime offers a free six-month trial for their services, which allows students to get special deals and free two-day shipping. RMU student Dylan Valine stated that he appreciates this discount more than any of the others.

2. J.Crew, Banana Republic, Express and Levi’s offer 15% off purchases. Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade also offer discounts in certain store locations. While this discount might not seem like much, for some of these pricey brands the savings can really add up.

1. The RMU Bookstore can save you money on clothing and textbooks–especially if you hang onto any of their coupons from orientation. Samantha Corpin, a bookstore employee, explained how to take advantage of the offers. “You can use the My Bookstore app, and if there’s a T-shirt you like, you can get that and get 25% off,” Corpin said. “Also, we price match in the way of textbooks with Amazon and” She explained that the price matched item has to be in the same condition as the in-store textbook.

For new and returning students, college is already expensive. By taking the time to look for these and other student discounts, it can really make a difference.