Sentry Media shares their favorite Halloween candy

Sentry Media’s staff shares their sweet tooth secrets for Halloween.


Sentry Media Staff

MOON TOWNSHIP — While the staff here at RMU Sentry Media has their own opinions on the frights of October and midterms, we can all agree the best part of the Halloween seasons one thing: candy. Rather than sharing our tricks, the editorial team wanted to share their favorite treats of the spookiest time of the year!

Garret Roberts, Editor in Chief

“My favorite candy bar will always be the Butterfinger. Whether a cold night trick or treating or a midnight Sheetz run, it will remain a staple in my late night candy hunting.”

Melanie Hulse, Director of Business Operations

“Almond Joy! It’s not a common favorite among candy and chocolate lovers, however, I think you can’t go wrong with chocolate covered almonds with coconut.”

Nick Hedderick, CSN Editor in Chief

“My favorite Halloween candy is definitely a Twix bar. While it isn’t my favorite candy, it is one that I love to indulge in once in a while. Perfect for Halloween.”

John Blinn, News Editor

“Peanut M&Ms.”

Jon Hanna, Sports Editor

“My favorite Halloween candy would definitely be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Any of them work, but around Halloween time the pumpkin ones are so much better because of the different peanut butter to chocolate ratio.”

Zachary Somma, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“My favorite candy to get on Halloween would have to be either Milky Ways or 3 Musketeers. Just not Snickers; anything but Snickers.”

Michael Delehanty, Assistant News Editor

“My favorite Halloween candy is 3 Musketeers. I have always loved the softness and creaminess of the chocolate.”

Austin Bechtold, Assistant Sports Editor

“My favorite Halloween candy is M&Ms. I eat a pack before every volleyball game I am at as pretty much a routine. My parents also like them and was always my choice of candy when reaching for a bowl of candy while trick-or-treating.”

Gabby Rankin, Video Assistant

“My favorite candy is the flavored tootsie rolls. The originals are good but the fruitiness and intense flavor of the flavored ones, specifically the vanilla ones (absolutely delicious), are my go to and favorite!”

Erik Schmidt, Assistant Graphic Designer

“I’d say my favorite candy is a Three Musketeers bar. They’re not overly sweet and they aren’t complicated like a Snickers bar is with the additional caramel and peanuts. To me it’s like a light and refreshing chocolate bar.”

Nathaniel Breisinger, CSN Social Media Director

“My favorite Halloween candy is Kit-Kat bars. I love the combination of chocolate with the wafer layers and the famous crunch that comes with each bite.”

Tyler Gallo, CSN Copy Editor

“My favorite candy would have to be sweet tarts or bottle caps. I always liked how they came in the boxes and there was a lot of the candies in the box, and I enjoy them a lot.”