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“Zombi 2:” Italy’s Bizarre Dive Into Horror

Dominic Merlo, Contributor November 9, 2020

From the late 20th century to the current day, Italian film can be noted for being passionate, if not melodramatic, and frequently corny. It's this overblown passion making Italy such an influential figure...

Sentry Media shares their favorite Halloween candy

Sentry Media shares their favorite Halloween candy

Sentry Media Staff October 31, 2020

MOON TOWNSHIP -- While the staff here at RMU Sentry Media has their own opinions on the frights of October and midterms, we can all agree the best part of the Halloween seasons one thing: candy. Rather...

Thousands of people traveled to the North Shore riverwalk to enjoy the first Monster Pumpkin Festival in Pittsburgh Oct. 20 and 21.

Photo Contest: Halloween and Fall Foliage

Sentry Media Staff October 22, 2020

Multimedia is excited to announce another RMU Sentry Media photo contest! On Saturday, October 24, we will begin our contest with our first two topics - “Halloween” and “Fall Foliage!” It is spooky...

Where's the News?- The Big Halloween Special

Where’s the News?- The Big Halloween Special

John Blinn, Garret Roberts, and Nick Hedderick November 2, 2019

The hosts take a break from the news cycle to celebrate Halloween, diving into the topic of cheesy horror movies and sharing scary stories in the dimly lit recording studio.

The main cast of

‘The Addams Family’ shines at Massey Theater

Kassandra Boyd, Contributor October 26, 2019

MOON TOWNSHIP -- With Halloween right around the corner, RMU Colonial Theater brings the spooky season to Massey Theater with their rendition of “The Addams Family.” Phenomenal performances from the...

Humans of RMU: The horror fanatic

Maura Linehan, Arts and Entertainment Manager October 31, 2018
Read the inside story on horror from Ray Zaperoni, a long time enthusiast of the genre of fear.
Creepy Conference haunts the campus

Creepy Conference haunts the campus

Garret Roberts, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Manager October 30, 2018
The English Department and Sigma Tau Delta hosted an event to cause the campus to quake in fear.
Photo Credit: (MGN Online)

Rear campus entrance to close for Halloween

Gage Goulding, Assistant News Editor October 30, 2018

MOON TOWNSHIP -- In line with efforts to help keep the communities children safe, the back entrance to Robert Morris University will be closed on Halloween. In an email, Chief of Police at Robert Morris...

Deep Dive: The death of the horror genre

Deep Dive: The death of the horror genre

Garret Roberts, Arts and Entertainment Assistant Editor October 28, 2018
A deeper look at the changes in horror since the 1980s.
Pumpkins decorated to look like different Pokémon characters (from top left) Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Charmander, and a Pokéball.

RMU students prepare Halloween celebrations

Scott McDanel, Contributor October 26, 2018
Students are showing their festive ways while on campus.
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