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Star Wars Battlefront EA Review


Star Wars Battlefront EA is a game that doesn’t have a single player story. This game is all about multiplayer. Day 1 edition comes with 4 worlds and 14 maps in total spanning 9 modes. So if you don’t like multiplayer shooters or don’t have online access then I can’t recommend this game even if you are a diehard fan of Star Wars. In terms of a story all you need to know is that the Empire is bad and the Rebels are good. Aside from that, this game is nothing but teamwork and blowing things up.

The game play is very easy to pick up and play. If you have ever played a first person shooter or a third person shooter, then you will feel right at home. The game does have tutorials on how to play the game with cut scenes before you play. The only thing in the game that I had trouble learning how to do was flying a TIE fighter or an X-wing. All of these tutorial missions can be completed with a friend and they won’t last longer than 10 minutes at the maximum.

The game’s main feature is multiplayer, but there are also training missions, battles, and survival. Survival is horde mode were you fight increasingly difficult waves of Stormtroopers. This is the closest thing we get to a story. In Battles you fight as either the Empire or the Rebels and you pick up dog tags after you kill someone. It’s more like a training battle than it is a new mode. And then finally the training missions that teach you how to play the game. This is all the game has for a single player, and the rest is multiplayer.

The multiplayer has Blast (Team Death match), Cargo (Capture the flag), Supremacy ( Tug of War), Drop Zone ( King of the hill), Fighter Squadron, Droid Run, Hero Hunt, Heroes Vs. Villains, and Walker Assault which is the best mode in the game. Walker Assault is a very interesting game mode that has you either defending an AT-AT as the Empire or trying to destroy the AT-AT as the rebels. This is the same for all the matches of Walker Assault. Also the game only ships with 4 maps to play this game mode on, which after 5 hours playing the same maps over and over gets really boring.

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In all, Star Wars Battlefront isn’t a bad game, but it does have its problems–the biggest being that it’s not worth $60 for the content that they have in the game. That is why I’m giving this game a 6/10. It’s an enjoyable experience, but after 15 hours of playing the same 4 maps over and over again, you get bored and see that there isn’t very much to the game.

Pros: The Game looks amazing, It’s easy to pick up and play

Cons: There isn’t much content for $60–only 9 modes for a multiplayer focused game and only 14 maps.

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