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Time to breakout of winter

Matt Merlino

Getting a little tease of spring with a 75-degree day before Spring Break couldn’t have been better. It gave students a little hope that the next season is right around the corner. Now that the break is over, students are in full spring-mode and are ready to finish out the semester.

With the sun shining through and the snow drying up, people now have the opportunity to enjoy the days more. When given a glimpse of nice weather, RMU students decide to spend every second outside doing anything they can to enjoy the weather.

Paige Purifacto, an RMU Freshman, is dedicated to studying and her school work but tries to go outside when we are granted with beautiful weather. She feels strongly about spring compared to winter.

“The [spring] weather is a lot nicer, [which means] cuter outfits and not as cold. I hate the cold,” Purificato said.

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If you look outside your dorm room window in the upcoming season, you will see people walking, playing volleyball, throwing a football or even just laying out near the volleyball courts. Many other students take advantage of the weather by studying outside. Purificato says that she loves to go outside and study instead of being stuck in the library.

It’s hard to find motivation near the time of midterms and finals, and the weather can easily drag students down even more. As the temperature creeps up, it is easily noticeable that both faculty and attendees become happier. Walking into Romo’s and seeing the staff with smiles on their faces and the sun shining in can brighten anyone’s mood.

Although the semester is just half over, students can still find ways to keep morale up. With spring on the horizon, that means summer is just one step closer. Getting a little Vitamin D in all of our systems can give us the boost needed to keep going and power through the rest of the semester. If you don’t think you have time to take a break from school work to enjoy the weather, bring your work and a blanket outside.

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