Turbo Kid: An instant cult classic


Its not often I see indie films during their initial release but I recently had the pleasure of seeing Turbo Kid, and it was absolutely amazing.

Turbo Kid, in a nutshell, is basically a gigantic nod to the 80s and cult films from that decade. Most notably is the similarities to Mad Max. Turbo Kid tells the story of a post apocalyptic world set in 1997. Due to a water scarcity, people are forced to fight for survival using home-made weapons and bicycles. The Kid is forced to become a hero when his newfound companion, Apple, is taken captive by the evil Zues and his enforcer, Skeletron.

Its a ridiculous concept and a ridiculous movie but it is so much fun. The campiness is embraced and actually makes the movie more lovable. But to top of all the absurdity and weird 80s references is a gratuitous amount of gore. The violence in the movie is over the top and primarily practical effects resulting in scenes that are simultaneously disturbing and hilarious and very reminiscent of films like Toxic Avenger.

Despite all of the goofiness, the acting is actually pretty applaudable. Munro Chambers does a wonderful job as The Kid and is a likable and charismatic hero. Laurence Leboeuf, however, steals the show as Apple, The Kid’s overly cheerful and energetic companion who is instantly the most lovable character from the moment she appears.

What’s really interesting about Turbo Kid is that it is actually a feature length adaptation of the short film T is for Turbo which was originally submitted as an entry for the anthology film The ABCs of Death. Most of the characters get an upgraded return for the movie, and many of the over-the-top gory kills are reused as well.

I should be clear though, Turbo Kid is not for everyone. But if you love campy movies, ridiculous violence, and old fashioned eighties action then you’ll find everything you love in Turbo Kid. This movie is inspired by cult classics and is fast on its way to becoming one itself.

Turbo Kid is reaching the end of its limited release so make sure you see it before it’s gone.