Not a fault in the stars

“The Fault In Our Stars” Reviewed


Hannah Smith , News Editor

Falling into theaters June 6, is “The Fault in Our Stars” based off of the best-selling book by John Green. The movie stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, who played brother and sister in another book-to-movie series “Divergent,” released this past March.

The heartbreaking love story of Hazel Grace Thatcher (Woodley) and her boyfriend Augustus Waters (Elgort) have already stolen the hearts of many across the world who have read the book. Hazel Grace, as Augustus always calls her, is a teenager who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that has now spread to her lungs. When Hazel is attending one of her support group sessions, she meets Augustus, who had his leg amputated fromosteosarcoma. Sharing a love for the book “An Imperial Affliction,” the two continually have discussions about it and quote it to one another. The two star-crossed lovers that made ‘Okay’ their ‘Always’ bring a fresh look at what is like to be in love with a little infinity and numbered days.

A lot of pressure comes with turning a book into a movie because there is just no way to fit every last detail into a two hour movie, so many people say they like the movie but the book is better. I for one, usually side with those people. With any of the book-to-movie adaptations I have seen none have lived up to my expectations of the book, but this one is the exception.

Having read the book for the first time a few days before the movie release, I was quite excited to see the movie because the lines used in the trailers were almost verbatim to the quotes in the book. For all of those that are worried that the movie will stray away from the book or not live up to the expectations, let me put those at ease. This movie is the best adaptation of a book that I have ever seen. The quotes and scenes that were essential to the book are in this movie. There are very few added scenes and lines that I did not recognize from the book.

I would highly recommend this movie because it is almost perfect to the book. The staring contest, Augustus and his metaphors, the kiss in the Anne Frank House, egging the car and the ‘Okays’ are in there. This movie has those relatable moments of what it is like to be young and in love, along with those awkward moments and humor with each other. Woodley and Elgort make Hazel Grace and Augustus come to life so believably well and are a great on-screen couple. Augustus’ best friend, Isaac, played by Nat Wolff, helps bring that added humor despite everyone’s situation of having cancer. So guys, you have that humor to look forward to when you take your girlfriend to see it. Girls, just bring tissues.

There is very little that I did not like about the movie, other than I missed one or two small scenes from the book that did not make it into the movie. I would have liked to of watched the scene the conversation in the car after Hazel goes to Augustus’ house to watch “V for Vendetta” and Isaac telling Hazel how long a love should last.  Despite those two scenes, I would have to say that I like this movie just as well as the book because both made me laugh, smile, cry and think about what an extraordinary life this is.

Are you just as pleased with the film adaptation? Which is your favorite, the book, movie, or do you like them both the same? Were there any parts or quotes that you missed? Would you have changed the casting? Tell me what you think below! Or if you just want to talk about your love for Hazel Grace and Augustus, let me hear about that too!