Universities respond to Trump’s executive orders


Photo credit: Paul Wintruba

Brittany Mayer, Assistant News Manager


On Jan. 27, President Donald Trump signed an executive ordering banning citizens of certain nations from entering the U.S.

Robert Morris University has a large population of international students, which this order could affect. RMU President Christopher Howard sent an email to students today.

In his email, Howard said, “RMU affirms its core values, including our commitment to providing all students with a global perspective, which we believe is critical to their success and to promoting peace and understanding throughout the world.”

RMU affirms its core values, including our commitment to providing all students with a global perspective

— Robert Morris President Howard

According to CNN, the ban is set up for the next 90 days and will affect the countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia—the majority of which are Muslim.

“Let me assure you that the Robert Morris University Center for Global Engagement is closely monitoring this situation, will advise any impacted students appropriately,” said President Howard in the email. “And direct them to whatever resources they need.”

The email also stated that Robert Morris and 10 other institutions from the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) signed a joint statement found here. It is a letter asking the administration to reconsider this policy.

“Our colleges and universities have attracted a multitude of talented individuals from across the globe,” said Karin Chavez, executive director of PCHE, in her letter. “Some of whom are from the seven nations whose citizens are currently banned from entering the United States.”

Other universities are giving their students statements as well. Duquesne President, Ken Gormley, sent a letter to students expressing his concerns.

“Along with others across the country in the academic and higher education communities, and those committed to advancing social justice world-wide,” said Gormley in his email. “We express deep concern regarding this executive order.”

President Gormley also asks Duquesne students to have a campus-wide discussion on Feb. 13.

“Within our own campus community, we can and should engage in respectful, thoughtful dialogue on these critical issues,” said Gormley.

If anyone has any problems they need to discuss, they are asked to contact the Center for Global Engagement at (412) 397-6887 or [email protected].