Protesters are in full throat in Charlotte

Anthony Moretti

A group of perhaps 100 protesters walked into a police blockade Tuesday afternoon in Charlotte as they attempted to move toward the Time Warner Cable Arena, the site of the Democratic National Convention.

The police blocked the intersection of East Stonewall Street and South Caldwell Street bordering the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which is four blocks from the arena but only one street from the Charlotte Convention Center, where media and others can pick up their various credentials. (Please note that at least one sign contains offensive language. This warning applies to all video links highlighted in this post.)

Calling upon the gathered law enforcement to move, the protesters denounced what they believe is corporate greed, the Obama administration’s reckless use of drones; and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

One person — a man who appeared to be in his 60s — was arrested.

In the 15-20 minutes I spent watching events unfold, neither the protesters nor the police attempted to physically antagonize the other side.

The protesters did accuse the police of being part of “the army of the rich.”